Hello, cem from Istanbul ,I am 35 years old. My wife, 33 years old, has a special<br />he works for the company. I go to my wife’s company Decently to visit her.<br />I know almost everyone there,there are a few very nice chicks<br />the one who works there. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with my wife. Brunette 187<br />I’m tall and I weigh 85 kilos. Of course, women like it because of the athletic build<br />my own wife likes it. I feed my wife pretty well in my room<br />he feeds me, he gives me everything, so we have no problems with sex.<br />But if someone from the outside falls, I will never forgive. From near workplaces<br />i went in to stop by as I was passing by. I went up to their floor, my wife is a customer<br />he went to visit. of course, everyone has the power. Anyway, with everyone<br />after exchanging greetings, I entered the director’s office. Me already in the room<br />he saw her standing up. It was a great piece 35 years old brunette with big breasts<br />it was a disaster with her weak hips sticking out. Please come in, my wife<br />that you’re out, that you’ll be back soon, that we can have a drink<br />He said. I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. It was very hot inside the air conditioner<br />he started it, said coffee, closed the door, sat down opposite me. Pale pink narrow<br />she had a skirt with a slit when I looked behind her while I was saying coffee stringi<br />it was obvious her hips were great. The coffees came and sat in front of me leg<br />she threw it on her leg and began to show me her calves. Your wife or something<br />i asked, trying not to look too much, but she was great. On the<br />between the buttons of the shirt, Decently large breasts were visible<br />she was wearing half a bra. My dick is starting to prick.i also have fabric pants<br />there was, therefore, a tent in front of me with my dick up. Off The Table<br />i stood up to get a handkerchief, my goal was to show my dick, when I stood up<br />the bulge stretching forward made itself apparent and canan smiled. To My Purpose<br />i had reached the place where I was sitting around the table behind the sofa<br />i came and they were great to look at their breasts. Why did you smile in the room?<br />aysun is very lucky for him, he said. I also said that anyone who wants this chance<br />he can have it, I said, but only on condition that I give my consent. No more sex<br />we were talking.


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