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I said, ”Mommy," please listen to the end without interrupting me, and what<br />if so, then… you are a very beautiful woman. And bring my dad home<br />those clothes you wear to tie, your attitude, your speech<br />when added, you become an unbearable being. The one I called home<br />my friends,my father’s friends, tradesmen, so everyone around us is yours<br />under the influence of her beauty. Yes, I admit that for a long time<br />I am also under the influence of this beauty of yours. of course, that’s for my dad<br />the things you do are normal things a woman can do to her husband. But<br />mom, you’re forgetting about me. All your femininity to seduce my father<br />you’re exhibiting. But I’m not a stone either…I’m impressed, too…at first<br />my fascination with you was like a game. But then it grew and grew…" this<br />my back was always turned to him when I said the words. After that, I turned to him. His Head<br />he leaned forward. I continued. “Mamma. My dear mother…Her mother in the world<br />you won’t find a second person who loves you as much as I do…mommy. I fall in love with you<br />i’ve been…" Mom asked, without looking up. “Why Me them<br />you’re telling me?" -Mommy. Love is touching. Losing my mind now<br />I’m about. I am satisfied by thinking about you every day. But thinking is not enough.<br />Holding your hands, looking into your eyes, kissing you and…"<br />he completed it.“and you want to fuck, right?”…<br /><br />-Eve, Mom. But believe me, this is a sacred phenomenon for me. ‘You<br />i love…Mom started talking without looking up.- He said, "Yes."<br />“I knew that I was beautiful and even attracted you. A woman<br />do you know what the only expectation from life is? A man who will love himself!<br />I also have to admit that I have never received this love from your father<br />I didn’t see. I was only 14 when I married your father. But these years have always<br />I was looking for a suitable man for myself. You didn’t know, but your father<br />i cheated many times. I don’t know the number of men I’ve been with.<br />I was constantly looking for someone to love me. And what you were looking for finally two years ago<br />I found.Yes, it was two years ago. Constantly getting my underwear wet<br />I didn’t understand why he finds. One day again, a group you never knew<br />I came home after having sex with a man. You were in my bedroom.<br />You didn’t hear me coming. You were lying on the bed. Just as I was about to come in, your<br />I noticed that he had stripped off his pants and was masturbating.<br />That was my panties in your hand. Why do my clothes get wet all the time now<br />it was understood. Why you were in my room first and why you used my panties<br />i didn’t understand. You were whispering something when you listened carefully, “mom" and<br />I noticed that you said ”my meralim". I was literally shocked. Essence<br />my son was masturbating thinking about me. You came a little later, so I<br />i went to the street door as if I had just arrived and called out inside<br />I entered. You had time to pack. Something I never<br />you thought I didn’t understand. This has awakened my interest in you. But this is the real fire<br />it caught fire 2 weeks after the incident. The father was not at home. You were sick High<br />you were lying with a fever and delirious. Do you know what you were saying? One<br />the most beautiful words that can be said to a woman…”<br /><br />My mom is my mom! I love you. No. I worship you!. Oh, my mother!<br />It drives me crazy. Oh, hold me. Be my woman. Be my goddess for a lifetime<br />me!” It was then that I realized who the man was who would love me. My<br />had you. Your love for me was so strong that you forgot this fact<br />I was willing to be the woman of his house. Yes, to impress my man with those clothes<br />I’d like to. But my man was not your father. It was you I wanted to impress<br />my dear!…"He opened his arms towards me ”Come" he said "come hug me" Tightly to him<br />i hugged him and he whispered in my ear.”I love you too. Now kiss me. One<br />i want to be your woman as soon as possible…”I couldn’t believe my ears. Mom continues<br />he “I’m yours, my dear,” he said. “Didn’t you say that love is touching…come on<br />touch me. Do everything you dream of to me" With your lips almost<br />I was kissing him hard. “Oh, mamma! You are the best mom in the world!”<br />I said to him. “I have other talents besides motherhood." He replied. ”<br />I took her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I carefully left it on the bed.<br />Then I walked away from him a little and looked at him from head to toe.-<br />I can’t believe it. So now this unique beautiful body of yours is at my disposal<br />is it?- It’s not just my body. And my soul is yours…My life. What if you want to<br />I’m ready. Have anal sex. Yes Oral sex, yes. Even the wildest fantasies<br />yes Whatever you want…Four days your dad won’t be coming home… and I’ll be gone these four days<br />I want to make love to you incessantly throughout..