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I was a bride in Alexandria two years ago.Because of my husband’s job<br />oradaydık.Biz We are from Bursa.All our relatives are in the country<br />was left.We had no one in Bursa.Jesus, who works in the same place as my husband Halil<br />brother and wife Hayriye know sisters, only with them<br />we’ve been seeing each other.We didn’t have a child yet.My husband is a driver at a transport company<br />doing.At first, he was not overly interested in me, but now<br /><br />rde is going for shipping, it doesn’t arrive for a few days, and the last one when it arrives<br />he started drinking at times,he got drunk and drank very often.Neglect me too<br />had been.I did not see eye to me.Playing with myself, clear from satellite broadcasts<br />I was satisfying myself with racy movies.I couldn’t open up to anyone either,<br />i couldn’t get help from anyone. If you keep doing this, I’ll leave the house<br />I was saying, but he never heard me. He came down the road again last week.Tuesday<br />it was morning.He was drunk, he came and went to bed immediately."Halil, you’re drunk again, I’m for you<br />didn’t I say don’t drink anymore, I’m going to see what you’re like," I said and pulled<br />I went to the door.I was also surprised what to do when I left the house.Its<br />i never thought it would happen when it suddenly happened like a fish out of water<br />I started thinking on the street, it was like 11 in the morning.Always my first thought<br />the sisters came to the Good place where I took refuge.I headed straight for them.I was Crying,<br />i was angry.I was going unannounced, maybe they weren’t at home.This is my disaster<br />it would be.When I got to the door, I knocked timidly.Brother Jesus opened the door."Come<br />What happened to the ferry, why are you crying?" said.Automatically tell him<br />i hugged him.We went in."No, sister, save me," I was b heavy.Jesus<br />abi said, "Feride, you don’t have a sister.Feriden’s aunt’s daughter has undergone surgery in the hospital<br />he’s gone to escort her home, but we’ll let you know early<br />rotary.”I was afraid.There was no good sister either.My sobs got louder."Feride<br />tell me what happened,“ and he wrapped his arms around me.Me too<br />it gave me confidence."Brother Jesus, I shouldn’t have told you.””Why am I a stranger?<br />" said.And I said, “I don’t know, my husband again.Sister Hayriye knew.From work today<br />when he came back, he was drunk again.I also said I would leave the house with that anger<br />I left home when I arrived.I said.”You did well, donkey Halil, he deserves it too<br />you have noticed.Let him appreciate you." said.My head on your shoulder<br />i put it in.I was crying.He was stroking my hair with his hand, Brother Jesus.Some<br />I’ve ferahlamis.Brother Jesus was wearing a tracksuit. porn stories<br />Since no one is home, he must be comfortably dressed.I also involuntarily put my hand<br />i put it on his legs.I could feel his leg hair.Thick<br />he had thick legs.His body was also quite large.He glued me to his body,<br />he was standing firm.Rocky.He was stroking my body with his hands,massaging<br />as if he would."Don’t worry about it, it’ll all pass, your thick-headed husband<br />he loses, where will he find a fresh bride like you, you’re young,<br />you are beautiful.Come, relax a little, I’ll take you to your sister’s room for good ,<br />lie down on your bed, get some rest. said. He picked up my arms.From My Hands<br />he started pulling me towards the bedroom.In front of my eyes at that time<br />he tripped.The bulge under the tracksuit was not to be seen. Bed<br />when he got to his room, he made me sit on the bed. The thin cardigan on me<br />pulled out.He went outside and came with cologne in his hand.My hands, my face<br />he drove.He rubbed it on my forehead and hair and started massaging it.Thoroughly<br />i was relaxed.”How are you, I hope you are a little better."Thank you, Brother Jesus<br />you’re a good thing.Good sister has an understanding wife like you<br />I said, it’s very lucky when it happens.Thank you Feride you spoil me,<br />said.He came down my arm with his hands and started stroking my chest as well.From there<br />it landed on my waist.Then he sat down on the bed and made me sit on his lap. She got up full of dick<br />it was touching my hip.Feride, you are a very beautiful woman, no one knows you<br />don’t let worry . He runs his hand around my legs under my skirt<br />he was stinging and trying to climb up.He grabbed my hand and put it on his dick.Myself<br />I wanted to pull, I was afraid.Don’t be afraid, he said, I’m not a stranger.Then my skirt<br />pulled out.I have weight left on me.He got up and started kissing me.The Ones On Me<br />pulled out.He was sucking on my tits.He started licking all over my belly, belly<br />it landed in my hole, I really liked it.I’ve already let myself go from my husband too<br />I wanted revenge. sex story<br />Feride, you have a body like Aphrodite, oh, what a beauty for you<br />it is impossible not to worship, he said.He’s getting spoiled, I’m getting myself<br />i was losing.He looked into my face, following me with his hand on my last<br />he slowly lowered my kilo, which was a dress.I never objected.Involuntarily with my hand<br />i turned off my pussy.When Brother Jesus saw my pussy, his eyes popped out of their sockets.Feride<br />what a wonderful thing that is.Believe me, I can lick it with my tongue for hours, especially hairy<br />but I love it, this is exactly the pussy I want, she said. Licks, loud sound<br />he was taking it off.In addition onunkie came.He pulled a little further and pulled down his tracksuit, he<br />what was it, it was like a pickaxe handle.Brother Jesus, how big is your dick, ever<br />I said, I’ve never seen such a big dick.You will like the taste better when you eat,<br />said.Come on, suck it, he said.I tried to take it between my palms, but Dec<br />I couldn’t comprehend.Jesus abi Halil never knew such things, just for a moment<br />I said he would look at ejaculation first.I’ll take you around in the clouds, just ask,<br />said.He put me on the bed backwards.He opened my legs wide with his dick<br />he grabbed it and held it to my pussy, but I felt like an ax had entered me.Brother Jesus<br />No, if you fuck your sister every day, she’s burned, well, I said.I<br />i’m not fucking your sister in the pussy anymore because her pussy doesn’t lie down to make me cum, her<br />i cum by fucking her tight ass hole,she said.So can it fit<br />my sister, I said.She’s used to it, she doesn’t want to be fucked anymore.If you want<br />and I can fuck.,quoth.But it doesn’t fit into mine, hers is wide, mine is too wide<br />small.I said.We make it so slippery that a hot liquid runs through it<br />you can feel it flowing, however, he said.Turn my back and fuck your dick and around my pussy<br />he creamed it.Wait for me, my bitch Feridem told you now from her asshole<br />I’m going to slide, he said.It was a sting, but I burst into screams.Wonderful brother Jesus,<br />I shouted that it was a very good feeling to feel your dick inside me.Thrice<br />he ejaculated, brother Jesus.We fucked for two days until the good sister came, all kinds of<br />I experienced the pleasure, the position, I can say that it was the happiest two days of my life.