It was afternoon. At that time the phone rang calling girl<br />he was my friend. He was bored and he asked me if you would come to us<br />she asked. So I said OK and went to his house.<br /><br />My girlfriend was really amazing when she opened the door. Previously this<br />I’ve seen the way. On top of a suspended body while under the body<br />she was wearing a clinging white capri. A wet image with gelled hair<br />he was giving. The perfume she was wearing already made me dizzy. Kiss and go inside<br />I entered. I crossed the hall I sat. She said she was making tea and went to the kitchen.<br />I saw her breasts when she bent down to bring the tea and offer it. My insides<br />he was eating. It was really great.<br /><br />I put the tray on the table and saw the black thong underneath. He already has it<br />when I saw it, I completely snapped. Come and sat next to me . i drink my tea and go to the table<br />I put it down and sat down next to him again. I turned your face and to your lips<br />i stuck. We kissed for a long time, now our tongues are locked together<br />our lips were starting to go numb.<br /><br />I slowly lowered the straps of her bodice to kiss her neck to suck<br />I started. He closed his eyes and left himself to me. The straps are completely<br />i lowered it and pulled her breasts out.<br /><br />I started licking her belly…kissed her breasts for a long time. Her eyes closed<br />he was breathing and moaning. After a while, the bodysuit is completely<br />i took it off and started licking her belly. When you lick your belly completely now<br />he was moaning.<br /><br />Since her whim is white, the wetness of the part where her pussy is is obvious<br />was happening. My hand from under your whim as I start kissing your neck again<br />i fucking took it. He was startled when he felt my hand. Stroking slowly<br />i was patting her clitoris.<br /><br />I couldn’t stand it, I lifted him up, undid his whim and put him down. Anymore<br />she was wearing only a thong. After kissing her thong several times from the front<br />then I would turn around and slowly lower her thong. In this way<br />i kissed and licked her butt. After a while, I undressed and put my hands on the seat<br />I pushed him in front of me. I got behind her and fucked my dick hot<br />i put it in slowly.<br /><br />I couldn’t take it anymore, I just accelerated by saying this slowness. Commute<br />my girlfriend was moaning and screaming as I was coming. A few minutes this way<br />after we fucked, I felt him contract and ejaculate. Put your head down<br />he bent it. I soon got my cock out of my pussy with a sudden movement<br />i took it off and cum in your ass…


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