My sister Beyza was a more sociable, fun type than me. It was sprinkled when he moved on to high school. Although I knew that she was my sister, her breasts that were getting bigger, her facial features that were slowly starting to sit down, and her voice were enough for me to think that she was a really beautiful girl. Nevertheless, I had not peeped at him or had any perverse ideas. Because there was no need. I haven’t had a boyfriend since middle school, but he was the opposite of me. She would have a boyfriend who would share what passed between them with me Decently. Even though I was his brother, I wasn’t someone who thought you couldn’t be a lover with anyone. He had to live his life like everyone else. The main thing that interested me in his life was his girlfriends next to him. The first sex stories also happened with Semra, who is a friend of my brother.


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