I didn’t go to school that day, I was 18 years old,a high school student.one day I didn’t go to school<br />i was studying at home.my mother is 43 years old, the sultan of my dreams, so to speak<br />she was a stony woman.when my mother went to the toilet, I opened it earlier<br />i had my eye on the hole.mom stuck her finger in her pussy<br />he was caressing.I was frantic.my breathing has accelerated, my dick is like a stone<br />the sounds I made from excitement attracted my mother’s attention,and immediately<br />he had recovered.I was in my room when he left.when my mother came to me<br />I was afraid that he would see my dick, but I couldn’t get excited.this saw can<br />what, when you said you were a man now, I was happy, he said no to my hair<br />don’t be embarrassed when stroking, this is the most normal occurrence.he said if he doesn’t get up, be afraid.alone<br />he said you need to cum, he grabbed my hand and took me to the bed before<br />I was scared when you said you were ejaculating, I said yes.who are you taking pictures of<br />he asks questions like you’re dreaming, he relaxes me, he never imagines me<br />when he said yes, I said yes.how I had said My bilmiyorumeli birbez<br />gave. she said come live let’s do it live, she played, she see a drop of pussy<br />the pussy I opened for was in front of me, looking at it and said empty, my mother’s voice<br />his tone had changed.while stroking my dick, you were stroking your pussy in the room, why do we do this<br />he told me to come in and learn from me instead of learning from someone else.crazy<br />it was like. he was right in front of me, and I pulled up and stuck him.it was wet,it went in easily<br />when I started coming, I took off her bra and she was small like a stone<br />i got stuck in her tits, I got hot, I cum inside her like a sankideli<br />I slept.i was tired, he said no take it off, lay me on my back on top of me<br />output.he started rubbing,suddenly he was like a stake, my dick.look, he said now more<br />you’re going to be late, relax.your excitement has passed, now he’s gone crazy<br />tell me if I’m beautiful,men want me,me wanking<br />they pull me, ask me questions like does anyone want to fuck me<br />it was driving me crazy watching him in the bathroom for months jerking off thinking about him all the time<br />he was crazy when I said i took it, we ejaculated after a long time, and we orgasmed<br />lay beside me on the lips and long kissed.how do you like it when you say<br />i’m like crazy, I said it was great, rest a little, what procedures will I teach you<br />when he said, the wiggles started again, half an hour later, my dick<br />yinedikilm was.he said how would you like.i said mom.from someone<br />I’ve never heard of.i said I would be behind, why not, I’m your virginity<br />i broke it.I’ve never done it, but I’m curious, he said.she got up and creamed<br />he said pat your ass first.his ass was like a plate.stroking my pussy ass with my hand<br />i was sticking my finger in your hole, I’m fucking again,my grizzly ass<br />i said her girlhood.i tried to insert the tip, I did not enter, I pulled the tip<br />when he came in and said root, baby, I put them all in.oh, myarapbi, what is this<br />it was nice, it was tight, it was like a fire,,I ejaculated wildly when you said were you full, baby<br />if I want it at another time


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