hello, I am now 22 years old, I did my military service at the bar, I was at the police station<br />it’s been about a year since it ended, now I’ll tell you about my<br /><br />i fell in love with a woman during my 5-month military service, her name is emine.<br />he was 1 year older, the interesting thing about my moment is that here I have his phone number<br />i found out and I put it in my mind that I was going to fuck her, so I called her in the evening<br />he invited me to the house, and I went to his house at 3 o’clock, 200 from the house<br />m. he was downstairs, his house was on the 3rd floor, we talked a little in front of the door then<br />her husband was not at home either, he was a night worker in the coal January emine yellow luck<br />he appeared before me with a colorful night, his eyes were covered with a blue head, Benn was with him<br />i was making an el ko joke, the room wasn’t making a sound, of course, I finally said emine<br />my mouth was dry i wanted a glass of water he brought me water to drink while drinking water<br />the head cover fell to the floor, and at that time she had just taken a bath, and my wound<br />it had been like a stone for 6 months, I hadn’t seen her face, I thought I’d fuck her<br />so I was slowly rubbing against him, he wasn’t making a sound in the room, I couldn’t stand it<br />i licked your lips first, you said what do I do, I’m married, but<br />when he felt my wound, he didn’t resist, didn’t make a sound, and then I was sucking his lips<br />and the room was madly making love,he took me to his bed, we undressed each other<br />i lick him from head to toe, ramen that he has 2 children, but too much<br />it was tight while emine was licking emminezevkden come on, shove it fast, i’m slow<br />i started to sting slowly as I’m stinging man, my husband has never stung me like this<br />he didn’t fuck, then he took my wound in his mouth, he was sucking a saxophone, emine emine<br />then he said let’s go to the bathroom, I got a little hairy shaved pussy<br />for sure I rubbed and shaved my pussy, he shaved me in the room and then washes<br />he sat on his machine, threw his legs on my shoulder, and I took his ass<br />i started shoving my creamy pussy up your ass from pleasure ihhhhhhb ahhhhh ohhhh dear<br />he started to say i was just about to cum, he said give it to my mouth, while emine took it right in her mouth<br />i ejaculated, he was drinking autohumlshar with pleasure, but I can’t get it out of my mind yet, emine<br />after my military service was over, I went every 2 days and dated my dick at his house and<br />i had a child with him, it doesn’t come out of my mind, emine, my love, emine, that’s it<br />my military service has more than this, we also had group sex, emine<br />brother selen and I will tell you about it later, see you later


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