So I lay down next to him on my back,<br />but the situation of my little one was quite obvious, the tent<br />he stands up straight and shorts as if he wants to get out in an obvious way<br />he was pressing. Ayşen’s sister also sees this, but dare<br />she couldn’t. Ayşen sister’s breath while lying on her back side by side<br />he was starting to get in order. I am, but the environment<br />i didn’t want it to get cold, I held her hand and my<br />i put it on the little guy, his hand is on it, and I’m holding it, and<br />I was pressing him lightly so that he wouldn’t pull his hand away. My hand is with his hand<br />I was walking on my cock, stroking it. His<br />when I felt that he was moving on his own, I pulled my hand away. Ayşen<br />big sister strokes my cock through shorts and Dec Dec<br />feel the thickness of his fingers<br />he was squeezing in between Dec. It was a great feeling, but your hand<br />feeling the warmth, the lumpiness<br />i wanted to drink to. Putting one hand inside my shorts<br />i put my cock against my skin, and my shorts with one hand<br />I had to bring up. Now my cock was in the reputation of the eyes. 16<br />it was a very normal size for my age and loaded with two hours of desire<br />the tip of my cock is wet, pleasure<br />my fluids were running out…<br /><br />Ayşen sister me on her right shoulder<br />turning right, he was patting slowly with his left hand<br />on my dick. My pleasure waters on your fingers<br />he was smeared, trying to figure out what happened,<br />“Have you ejaculated?" said. “Not yet, with you<br />he was so full when he was making love, he’s carrying it now, in these<br />they!I said. “Hmmm, is it too full?" said. I didn’t expect much<br />they were words. As he continued to pat, “Recently, our Khadija,<br />he found one of his brother’s videotapes, we watched it on them<br />with girls!" said. “What was there?I said. “It was so disgusting, in my movie<br />men have done to women what you have done to me,<br />and women fuck men’s dicks… you know!" said. "My<br />wasn’t what I did enjoyable?I said. “I can’t believe it<br />that we have already done these things!" said. At that time<br />her mother’s voice came, “Aishen!” he was calling from above. “My mother!”<br />as he got up in a great panic, to the apartment door<br />close, “I’m coming, Mom!" he called from inside. Go to the salon and be awesome<br />she quickly put on her clothes, put on her scarf and straightened it.<br />I also came to the salon with him, still<br />i was naked, with my cock as straight as a stake<br />I was watching him in the middle. A kiss on my lips as a thank you<br />putting it on, he flew away.<br /><br />I was filled with great joy, Ayşen Abla and I were naked and<br />we broke down almost all the boundaries. There is nothing for such a love<br />although I have no experience, I have secretly read Penthause, Playboy and Playmen<br />in the magazines<br />he applied what came to mind from the stories and Ayşen’s sister repeatedly<br />i took it to the heights. Now the next time you come, pick up where we left off<br />we could, like what would he say if I touched him here, how would I rob him<br />I wasn’t going to deal with thoughts. But my cock still felt like a stake, in the bathroom<br />i passed and went to the wall<br />leaning on my back, I closed my eyes, Ayşen sister’s gorgeous body<br />it was right in front of my eyes. The smell of your skin is still in me, I started shooting 31.<br />I was already so full, too<br />without trying, I experienced the most violent ejaculation I had ever experienced that day. Finish<br />he didn’t know, it was like my balls were full. My knees were unbound<br />it was like, my body felt heavy on my legs. I took a shower, on the floor<br />after washing my cum, I put on my shorts and T-shirt. Bedroom<br />after passing by and straightening the sheets and covers, I lay down on the sofa in the hall.<br />There was a sweet fatigue on me. Then I fell asleep.<br /><br />I woke up to mom and dad’s voice. They had come from work. Mom goes to the food business<br />he got in, and Dad turned on the TV. My dad said, "Let’s see what’s new,<br />what are you doing? Lives in the House<br />doesn’t he get bored?" said. I was like“ "What do I do, Dad, with friends<br />we ride our bicycles, we play ball, time passes!I said.<br />My father said, “If you want, I can take you to the workplace, you can also walk around the factory<br />do you linger, is there a change?" said. I didn’t have the strength to work for my father.<br />should I say no. I had to say, “Okay, Dad." I said…


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