My Aunt<br /><br />hi, I would like to tell you the story of my aunt.<br />i’m 18 years old if you ask my aunt, my aunt is as much as 30-year-old models<br />she’s a very beautiful woman. i am very proud of my aunt, but she is a wrong one<br />i didn’t look at him unobserved. but one day, I was at my aunt’s House. i had a mac<br />I’m tired and bitter. I went to my aunts because there was no one in our house.<br />(also this story happened 2 months ago). anyway, I got to my aunts.<br /><br />my uncle was not at home, he was working and said I would come home late. in one of my aunt<br />he has a son who is 5 years old. my son was with my aunts that day. so just me at home<br />i had an aunt. my aunt made me dinner and told me I’m going into the bathroom<br />said. I got up at that time to get water. when going to get water<br />i walked past my aunt’s room and she didn’t quite cover the door. a baktimki<br />my aunt is wearing a red bra and a red thong. from that moment<br />then my aunt began another observation. my aunt couldn’t see me<br />because his back was turned to me. of course, mine got up right away, so did my aunt<br />when I see it, it’s because my aunt really has a model-like physique. follows<br />she is up to 1.72 tall, has long curly yellow hair and lush eyes.<br />especially those breasts, it’s like she has silicone, it’s so beautiful that she<br />i can’t tell about the breasts. anyway, I’ll go on.<br /><br />when I saw my aunt like that, of course, mine got up immediately.<br />I watched him for a while and took my water and continued my meal.<br />my aunt Decamped to the bathroom at that time. while I was eating, my aunt<br />he was on my mind. i was just saying, if only I could fuck him twice. if only<br />if it wasn’t for my aunt, I would have called her a nice dick. on the one hand, pull yourself together<br />i was saying hakan. i couldn’t take it anymore and my aunt was crazy at the door<br />I started watching how he took a bath. when I saw my aunt so naked<br />it was as if the world had stopped. I was barely even breathing. their breasts<br />ofaliyord’s. exactly 31 when I was saying I was going to shoot, suddenly my head was at the door and se<br />he did it, kapita. my aunt immediately looked at the door. i was very afraid of something<br />in case he’ll understand.<br /><br />i immediately turned on the TV and pretended that nothing was wrong and started watching TV.<br />after 10-15 minutes, my aunt got out of the bathroom and went to her room. suddenly<br />my aunt took me to her room. i was so scared, I think he understood and he understood me.<br />I was telling myself that he would be held accountable. anyway, I went to his room. my aunt<br />she was wearing a short with a white body and a white one that was very girly. and<br />her short hemd body was officially stuck to her body. the tip of the breasts<br />it seemed she wasn’t wearing a bra. ami was also beli, so much so that the girl and<br />such tight-fitting sewn shorts were an incredible thing. of course my aunt is.<br />I pretended to be embarrassed when I saw it, but what was going through me. my aunt<br />he said there was nothing to be ashamed of because I was angry. what is it, aunt, why is cairdin<br />me, I said.<br /><br />my aunt said, hakan sirtima, will you take my body tile. OK<br />I said. her body was already very attached to the girl and her body. me my aunt’s<br />my mind was going by myself while I was applying the face cream. my aunt’s hand in siirtina<br />i jumped in and started. my aunt said so too. dear, put your hand in the body<br />he said you can’t drive all over my back like that. what you said to me, of course<br />i was doing it. my aunt’s back was so lumpy and hot that I couldn’t stand it.<br />mine was out of coke and it was semsert. i was paying attention to my aunt’s dick<br />don’t call it ass. because I was very korkoyor. the bidet is always my aunt’s sirtina<br />I was looking at my aunt’s ass while applying cream. i explode<br />i was about to. anyway, after I put the cream on, my aunt, I’m very sleepy<br />said. he said he would lie down for a while and wake me up in an hour.<br />I said at that time: Aunt, if it’s me, I’ll go home.<br /><br />no, no, he said if the phone comes or something, you’ll take it, I’m very sleepy and<br />he said he didn’t want to wake up either. I said Okay so. anyway, I’m on TV<br />i started looking. but my aunt was not getting out of my mind. somehow<br />I couldn’t forget her taking a bath and that kimkisa bodylen short. more<br />I couldn’t stand it much longer and went to my aunt’s room. I did look at my aunt’s bidet<br />he doesn’t have a duvet on, and his ass looks at me and says come fuck me. two<br />I called my aunt three times to make sure she was asleep or not.<br />there was no sound from my aunt. mine stood up like that at that time<br />he was so tough. I wanted to empty it right away. and I started shooting 31. later<br />suddenly I thought of something I heard on TV. for women<br />the best thing about waking up was that he was fucked the moment he woke up.<br /><br />it was an amazing feeling. they said he was dead on TV. mine<br />I couldn’t stand it when my aunt looked so naked everywhere.<br />I collected all my punishment and began to undress. slowly and very slowly<br />I started pulling my careful aunt’s shorts on the wand. durmusdu the world like<br />I was barely breathing. i had very few shorts down again, suddenly my aunt<br />i was scared kimildadi would wake up. god had not awakened. later<br />i went ahead and I would have pressed to download the short. my aunt’s pussy is so<br />guzeldik is. there was no clay either, the gentleman had just bought his clay. I<br />I took great care of my aunt and put her on her back. very carefully<br />i tried to put my dick in amina, but it didn’t go in, my aunt moved at that time.<br />aha, now he’s awake, I said, I’m scared. but he hadn’t woken up. then suddenly<br />I decided to kiss my aunt’s lips. i told myself that the world<br />i don’t care, if he wakes up, wake up now.<br /><br />because I really couldn’t stand it. and risk everything. kissing my aunt<br />I’ve started. starting around the amen and up to the lips. after my aunt<br />hmmmm he woke up to see what was going on. i immediately started licking your cunt. what is the room<br />he said, what are you doing? Don’t be crazy. keep me licking her<br />I was thinking that he was sounding himself again hmmmmmm ohhhh. me<br />all of a sudden he pushed and slapped and said are you crazy what are you doing so<br />my aunt was surprised. he was counting the curses on me and gave me another slap.mine<br />I immediately hugged him and put him on his back and lay on him. then<br />i said auntie, you’ve come so far, I’ve seen you everywhere, you’re crazy<br />I am in love with. I said, please let go, no one will understand. i said, look, auntie, please<br />baby, I said please once. no, he said, are you crazy and a<br />i got another slap. but I started threatening him. i’ll tell everyone what happened<br />and you asked about me, I said I would, and I said that you threatened me and<br />I said to my aunt that I did everything so that you would tell bad lies to my mother.<br /><br />my aunt was suddenly surprised and said that you can’t do this, no one should believe it. mine<br />i said. aunt, believe me, I said that they believe in such a thing. fuck me<br />he told me that watching you in the bathroom wasn’t enough for you. i suddenly became soc. as if<br />he said he didn’t understand that you were watching me and I saw you looking at my room.<br />at first I said no, it was a lie. I said I did no such thing. he called me water.<br />he told me that you were seen in the mirror when you were in the room. i couldn’t say anything yet either.<br />and then he said a speed out of me, if you’re going to fuck, he already knows everything. and<br />suddenly I stuck my dick in my aunt’s beautiful pussy. i had a hard time, my aunt<br />first, a cigar horse. i started to fuck azini with attitude and slowly.<br />my aunt stepped into the circle. but I started fucking him like that. my aunt<br />all of a sudden, ahhhhhh ufffffff started telling me to keep going. cirpinmayida<br />left it. my aunt started to flow.<br /><br />i don’t think he’s been fucked since when. then I put my wound on his ass and<br />i started licking it. and when I was licking his pussy, it was flowing so much, ami.<br />my aunt told me, if you tell anyone about this, I will kill you. mine<br />don’t worry, auntie, I said that if my parents hear about this, then we will already die.<br />and I started to give him a good face. I was the happiest person in the world at that moment.<br />i fucked my aunt all over her ass and her tits. my aunt told me<br />the next day, he said this was the first and last prayer. but I threatened him and still<br />i’m fucking and I’ll keep fucking


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