I came a little closer and smelled her legs, hips, nice soap<br />they smelled. Now the arrow was out of the bow, but with dice, but by force this evening<br />i was going to fuck him. Raise the heat of the heater a little and put the pike on it<br />i got it completely. I opened the top of her nightgown and looked at her breasts.<br />They were white, their ends were large in the middle of a brown ring<br />they looked like chickpeas. How much when it gets aroused and hardened<br />they’ll be great, who knows.<br /><br />They didn’t seem to sag because they weren’t too big. While sleeping on his back<br />he turned over, I didn’t touch him for a long time so that his sleep deepened. Bent over cotton<br />i smelled her pussy through her panties, the smell of pussy I forgot for a long time<br />it made my head spin all of a sudden. Taking a deep deep breath in my hot breath<br />i sent him to sigh in his sleep and turned on his face, saying enough is enough<br />I sat on her hips and pressed her head against the pillow.<br /><br />He started struggling…the knife I put on the comedy, his eyes<br />i put it in front of him, put it against his throat and reached out and started tearing off his panties.<br />He started to struggle under my weight, his knife started to struggle a little<br />when he pressed it, he stopped in fear. Then I tore your nightgown, too, and now it’s under me<br />he was lying naked. i lay down next to him and started watching his body,<br />he was shaking like a leaf. I reached out and started kissing her neck, for the first time<br />sleeping with her lover, not knowing what to do, excited, afraid<br />he was shaking like a baby. As he trembled, I was horny, licking all<br />i went around his back and landed on his hips.<br /><br />I put the knife against his neck on his back and left it when he moved and picked it up again<br />when he put the pointed end to his waist, he understood and began to stand still.<br />I bent over her hips again and kneaded her two hips like dough, sideways<br />i opened it right and started licking her asshole. I believe that at this age<br />no one has ever touched that hole except himself. Know what<br />he was surprised, he did not know what to do, how to behave. Wait for the ass<br />he has never heard in his life that he can be caressed, kissed. With my tongue around<br />I started drawing circles and putting them in and taking them out.<br /><br />I pressed my knee down, spread his legs and got between his two legs. Dec.<br />I reached out my hand and touched her pussy, suddenly she stretched herself and her legs<br />when he tried to close it, I put the knife to his waist again. My hand on your lips<br />when I touched it, I felt its warmth. I began to gently caress, a<br />sliding my finger between your two lips to feel your wetness Decently<br />i worked, it was dry, it would be a dream to wait for it to get wet while trembling with fear.<br />I pressed my finger and stuck it in, it made a noise called ihhhhhhh, very<br />deep into the pussy, which is quite narrowed because it has not been used for a long time<br />I started to stick it up and take it off my finger.<br /><br />My hand under your hips…My finger is wetter after every entrance and exit<br />as he was playing, I started inserting and removing more and more quickly. What<br />so scared, terrified, prompting you to zevklenmey began. My Tracksuit<br />down to my knees, without getting out of bed, without moving away from you<br />i shake my legs and undress and again on your hips<br />when I sat down, my cock, which was like a stake, rested on her hips. Again<br />he began to tremble with fear and move under me, and his legs<br />i went between her and put my hand under her hips and Decked her hips a little<br />I raised it. It felt like the room was helping me, grabbing my cock and<br />i placed it between his lips and started Decking him up and down.<br />As I push up her hips a little more she is aware or not<br />when I lifted it up, I suddenly pressed it to the root and put the cock through my mother.<br /><br />I stood in it for a while without moving at all, then I started pumping, I<br />as he hit, he watered, and as he watered, I stung harder. Now in full<br />he was standing on all fours, so I bent down and kissed his shoulders and<br />i started squeezing her breasts. When you suddenly pull out of it<br />he moaned turned over on his back and put his legs on my shoulders<br />i took it and rooted it again, The pleasure in your eyes every time I rooted<br />watching its waves turned me on for good and into it like a volcano<br />i started gushing. And bring some of it out towards the end and put it on your belly<br />i emptied it and put on my sweatpants and left the room, slammed the street door and<br />i walked away from home. when I come back in the morning, when I open the door with my key, what<br />I was dying to think what had happened, what I would find. What I see is the future<br />in my letter



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