Hello friends, first of all, I want to criticize this site<br />i’ve been reading for a long time, but not what people do, but what they want to do<br />written.Actually, it would be ridiculous for me to enter such sites.But I went random<br />so I read it and I liked it.I also want to tell you about the incident that I experienced.I<br />I’m 18 years old.In the summer, I work at çeşme-ilıca and disco.High school<br />i’m his student.I was at the disco again last summer.Inside, a lady came.Obviously<br />pretty bi drank.I said, here you go.She was really pretty, but me<br />it didn’t affect him because there were so many people like him.Do it somewhere<br />i made him sit down.He thanked me.Then I gave the music a good sound.3.30 PM<br />or maybe the fun at the disco is over now, as you all know, at that time<br />there is more sex than fun.Some go to the hotel, some do it at the disco.That woman<br />she was lonely.Actually, it was nice, but I didn’t want to be with him either.Because<br />i promised another chick.I went to him and took you to your hotel if you want<br />I thought I’d leave up to.He said yes, but no mischief.I laughed.Disco nuns<br />I asked the owner, Brother Baran, for the keys to his car.The Lady<br />i dropped him off in front of his hotel.I wanted to say good night and run away because 19<br />the other girl, who was about her age, was waiting for me at her hotel.I promised I would come<br />so.Anyway, I got off in front of his hotel, he thanked me, and I said it didn’t matter<br />I went.I went to the other girl in the car just as I was getting off the other girl<br />i noticed her purse was in the car.I said never mind, but bide<br />I came back in case he had any special things.Go to your hotel and get the room number<br />i found out, I knocked on the door.He thanked her when she gave him her bag.But he took a shower a lot<br />the sex stopped.It was my turn.I said you won’t let me in.Of course<br />grows, he said.The girl told me a little about her life.Germany family si<br />he lived.Something told me blah blah blah.I said, are you drinking something?Of course<br />he said whiskey.He took a sip of the whiskey and left.Really a lot<br />sarhoştu.Ne he didn’t know he was going to do it.Suddenly the car keys<br />he took it and said come on.;Where I said, he said fantasy.Driving the car like crazy<br />he was driving.We had come to the seaside.I stopped the car.My Lips<br />it stuck.I wanted him too, like crazy.We kissed for about half an hour<br />it was very hot.I thought we were fighting in the car.My dick in his mouth<br />took it.He knew this job, he was very professional.i’ve had countless relationships<br />but I’ve never seen a saxo like this.He was using it very well<br />mouth.I licked her breasts.Her breasts were big.The rear of the car<br />we passed.I wanted to drive him crazy, it was very easy.i took off her thong<br />and I watered her cunt with tongue strokes.As if from the inside out<br />he was moaning.He was pulling my hair out of pleasure while I was licking his pussy.Anymore<br />I didn’t resist.I took my dick and started walking it in her pussy.Inside<br />he really wanted her to come in.I went into it 2 or 3 times without spending time<br />i got out slowly.Then I increased my speed so much that the car<br />it was as if the springs would come out.I take it off just when I’m about to cum and<br />i’m not ejaculating.Under the influence of alcohol, the girl ejaculated 3 times, and I’m still<br />i didn’t want to cum because I took advantage of my previous experience that<br />kanata varmıştım.Ne if you don’t ejaculate just when the time is coming, so much<br />it was flowing.In short, I wanted to show him myself.I turned back and<br />i started getting in and out of his ass .She had a very shaped buttock, but<br />from the back no man could get pleasure quickly for about 5 minutes<br />i went and drilled it.We were both sweating, it was already hot.Now I have to relax<br />I’d like to.He took her between his breasts on one hand between her breasts Decked out Decked out in<br />I was leaving and he opened his mouth and I was putting it there.The full future<br />time had started to pull saxo with 2 hands.She was screaming while I was cumming<br />and the more I was straining myself, the more I was ejaculating.Ejaculating<br />later.We went to sea together.I was discharged 1 time at sea.Especially<br />going back and forth in the sea drives people even more.Then we top<br />we got dressed and went by car to the girl’s hotel.I took a shower there and went to my own hotel<br />i passed.The evening had come, but so many girls were with him again<br />I didn’t want to get into a relationship.I was with another girl that night.Every night is different<br />i was with the girls because working at the disco has a different charisma<br />girls know this well….[email protected]<br />/* */ but I’m not talking on msn, I’d be glad if you send an email.Also in izmir<br />ladies are my preference.Some of you may say fuck off, but me<br />you haven’t seen


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