Hi, I’m Murat from Mersin,of course this is not the real step.I am 29 years old<br />1.77 tall, 75 kilos has a body that can be considered athletic, free<br />I’m a busy person by profession.I have been following this site for a long time.Two months<br />I would like to share with you an event that I have experienced before.As always<br />I came to this room early in the morning. After completing the morning routine<br />the door opened while I was drinking my coffee.My friend’s sister’s sister from high school<br />It was Fulya.Fulya has been studying at the university for a long time<br />I haven’t seen.After a long hug and kiss, we went to my room.Fulya has not seen<br />he had changed a lot.When I ask,Well, there’s no little girl anymore<br />in your wife,I’m taking care of myself now.University 3. What you read in class,this summer<br />he had to do a sit-in.That I can help him with this benin<br />his brother told him.I need to get this done now,stay out in the summer<br />I don’t want to, he said. We had a long conversation.Fulya 1.70 tall brunette<br />she had short hair, a thin build and a very beautiful physique, especially her hips were stone<br />it was like. I spent what I wouldn’t give to fuck her from those hips<br />of my mind. When I see your hips behind the table my dick is like a stone<br />had been.After a few phone calls, we arranged the internship place.-OK<br />your internship is ready.Do you have another desire?-No, thank you.This<br />what can I do for you in return.Meanwhile, I stood up.Fulyain<br />his eye suddenly caught her.He understood that I wanted him.By coming to me<br />my dick popped his hand.Fulya, don’t stop, if I say you’re my friend’s brother<br />he didn’t listen.-I told you that’s it now.It remains to remain indebted to anyone<br />i don’t want to.We moved to the big seat next to each other.When I operken your lips on one hand<br />I was eating your glasses at one point.Our tongues are in each other’s mouths<br />he was almost dancing.<br />I took off your master in a snap and released the glasses<br />I quit.I was sulking and slightly biting the tip of his gogus.Fulyade<br />at that time, he was sucking my dick out of my pants.I am further down<br />I got down and started licking his gobegini.That scared the hell out of him. Your pants too<br />when he came out, he was naked. I stuck my head between your legs and Decked out a new<br />i started licking her shaved pussy.He was pressing his hands on my head,as if<br />continue etdercFulyae.So I undressed, he took my dick in his mouth,like he was going to tear it off<br />he was licking like a skunk.I was moaning too.-Yes, go on, Fulyaim, go on<br />meat. She’s yours now.I pull your hair a lot,about 10 minutes later<br />i emptied it into his mouth with a big shake.Waste even a drop<br />it didn’t.-You were great, honey.You’ve driven me crazy.These words make him even more<br />azdirimisti.He started taking it in his mouth again.Back to the old consistency<br />when he came,he got up and sat on it quickly.We are now one body.-Fulyaim<br />your pussy is too tight.-Yours is bigger than I thought.<br />This time I took Fulyai under me and started pumping.My pleasure<br />he was frozen mad.-Go on, husband, go on, finish me off.Empty into me.Please<br />he was moaning that he was going to empty inside me.after 15 minutes, we both with great pleasure<br />we’re empty.After resting for a while, we started to meet again.This time<br />domalmas I wanted to.He knew right away that I wanted to fuck his ass.- no<br />No way.I haven’t never done before.I don’t want to get hurt.On me<br />i fucked her again from behind.<br />But my fingers don’t stay idle,practice putting my finger in your asshole<br />i was doing it.I’d take my dick out of her cunt and spit it out.With My Fingers<br />I began to slowly push it into the asshole I was accustomed to.No objection at all<br />he was not.When the head of my dick entered, she gave a thin scream and asked me to take it off<br />he wanted to,so I waited for a while and started pressing again.Anymore<br />half of my dick was in it.I made one last print and put it all in.Daffodil<br />she was biting her lips and trembling.Pumping in a serial way<br />I started.Fulyain had now replaced his pain with pleasure.-Go on, man<br />Go ahead.Never get out of me.I pumped continuously for about 15 minutes.Fulyade<br />there was no more trouble.it was emptied 2 times in 15 minutes, Fulya.But<br />I had no intention of leaving without ejaculating.Fulya no longer begs<br />started.-That’s enough, divorce me, you’re finished.It is enough.Ten or fifteen more times<br />after I came in and out of your ass, I came out too.We both collapsed.<br />Fulya barely pulled herself together, put her clothes on and gave a little kiss<br />gone.I haven’t never seen you.


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