Aybars’ ass landed serially and the shield accelerated even faster, sitting down<br />as we Decamped through the echoing sounds of banging in our room, suddenly<br />he stopped moving, and with a quick movement, he pushed his penis through the Zelish<br />I was pulled out. Standing on his knees on the couch, Zelish’s hip is a<br />he spanked: ” Come on, get up, domal in front of me, give me the ass, " he ordered.<br /><br />Emel and I were watching them in amazement without saying a word.<br />In the face of what we saw, it started to get wet between my legs and Decayed.<br />if I wasn’t ashamed, I would relieve myself by masturbating right there.<br /><br />That day, we learned all the subtleties of anal sex. Aybars,on your own cock<br />first he sprayed retardant spray and fucked all three of us in the ass.<br />In fact, although he behaves gently and patiently, in turn, our asses<br />it took him almost an hour to get in.<br />It was very difficult for Emelde and me. she had used two tubes of lubricating gel<br />but it still prevents Emel and me from screaming and crying with pain<br />he didn’t make.<br /><br />Zeliş, who was very angry at our crying, fucked us both in the ass again.<br />He rebelled from the pain of my ass in a miserable state and Zelishe from this job<br />I told you I gave up.<br /><br />Zelish immediately came up to me and wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me. ”<br />I know I’m going to wish, it’s not easy, but what other choice do we have, blue? To you<br />if I’m yelling and screaming, I’m always doing it for your benefit. Believe me, my blue,<br />you’ll get used to over time. Not being a novice in front of the customer is wrong and wrong<br />aybars should get your ass used to eating dick so you don’t do anything! come on<br />honey, wipe the tears from your eyes, tomorrow you will repeat it all with Aybars.<br />We have two days left on this one. you need to get used to it, my dear.<br />Both of you are ready for the client on Saturday to calm me down ”<br />he worked.<br /><br />I knew Zelihan was right. We didn’t have another choice. Store<br />if the owners complained about me at the police station, my future would slip.<br />I had to pay this money for sure.<br /><br />I’m sobbing with the pain of my burning ass in Zeliha’s arms<br />while crying, Aybars was curled up on the carpet on the floor of Emel’s<br />he was fucking his ass by separating his hips well with both hands: "Come on, Emel,<br />come on, girl, talk, say something… get up, get your ass up a little more<br />in the air…ohhhh I’m in your tight ass… Emel come fuck with me ”<br /><br />Emel painfully passes her teeth on her lips, tears divorcing from her eyes<br />he was moaning feebly, trying to hide it. Before long, Aybars was my friend’s<br />get out of your ass, take off the condom on your cock, your cock<br />Emelin held it towards her mouth and said, " Open your mouth quickly… come on quickly, I’m coming…<br />em my dick!”<br /><br />It was obvious from Emelin’s face that she was nauseous , but what she was told<br />she did it and sucked the cock in her mouth, which began to squirt, and put it all on her face<br />he swallowed it with a grimace.<br /><br />Then we all took turns showering, and then something happened to us<br />wearing it, we sat down again in the hall and talked about what happened, and evaluated it.<br />At one point, when Emel said that she had a strange feeling inside her mouth Dec,<br />Aybars and Zelish laugh together , feeling the numbness of this strange feeling<br />and that it was caused by the retardant spray that Aybar used<br />when he said that, we all laughed together. And one more thing<br />we have learned that overused retarding spray, when in contact with the mouth<br />it can numb the mouth.<br /><br />After that, we all wanted to order something from outside because we were hungry,<br />but Aybars told us that he would prepare food with his own hands, and<br />he walked into our kitchen and did as he was told. My ambition and my burning<br />despite the pain in our asses, we liked him. He was a very good person.<br />Aybars, and although we met under these strange circumstances, Emel and I are his<br />we felt he would be a good friend.<br /><br />Aybars stayed with us that night. First by coming to my bed, my nightgown<br />stripping up; he grabbed my pussy with one hand and then my clitoris<br />he started rubbing, the middle finger of his other hand behind the whining ass<br />he put it in my hole. If I am fucked in the ass by my client,<br />at the same time, if I rub my clitoris with my own hand like this, the pain behind me<br />he taught me to lighten up.<br /><br />While Aybars is still talking, my whole body is stretched with great pleasure Jun<br />I was starting to ejaculate. it was the first time I was ejaculating in front of a man. Magnificent<br />it was a feeling. During my orgasm Aybars gently put a finger on my pussy<br />it stung, and my contractions of pleasure lasted a little longer.<br />Aybars leaned into my ear and said” " You are actually a very fucked-up person,<br />after your client will take your girl, I would like to fuck you in the pussy,<br />I’ll give you a lot of pleasure, Dilara, do you want to?” he whispered it was.<br /><br />And I whispered to him : " After you pay for it, you can fuck too<br />of course," I said.<br />Aybars laughed at my answer with laughter: " You are actually from time immemorial<br />you’re a bitch, my beautiful, to fuck you in the pussy<br />I’m losing patience. Come on, sleep well, I’m in Emel’s bed now<br />I’m going to go, let him relax a little, you know?" by saying my nose<br />he put a kiss on the end and was gone.<br />A little later, moaning sounds come from the other bed<br />it began.afterwards I went to sleep.<br /><br />The next day, after breakfast, we all went shopping together. Zelish<br />he lent us money. He made me and Emele buy sexy underwear.<br />Aybars chose some of them for us, both with black and red lace<br />string-thongs, bras-thongs-bustiers from white and pink silk, thin<br />bras and slips made of black leather,bodysuits with suspenders, transparent chiffon mini<br />nightgowns and a lot of other things. Expensive perfumes,fragrant body<br />lotions, lubricating gels, condoms,<br />wet-wipes-boxes v.s spent a lot of money on us.<br /><br />When we got home, we dressed and tried what we bought. Garter<br />even how to wear and tie suits correctly<br />we couldn’t do it,Zelish and Aybars taught us.<br />Then he had to stop by the realtor’s office where Aybars worked, one or two<br />he left, saying he would be back by the hour.<br /><br />Zeliş made me and Emele watch some porn movies again. Customer<br />how we will act in front of him, we will talk to him again and again<br />he said” "Some guys’ dicks either don’t get up or it’s hard to get up, but still<br />their eyes are in debauchery, and you will warn and delight them.<br />The question is to the guys, what are their fantasies? What do they dream of? Most<br />what do they like? There is no time limit, guys stay satisfied,<br />you will work with all your strength until he sends you. Time<br />when you say there are no restrictions, you will stay with gavats for 7-8 hours like this<br />that doesn’t mean. But you’re not going to do a quick tuck-and-tuck in half an hour.<br />The sooner you get guys off, the more you cum, the more<br />you can come home quickly. Take the bitch business seriously. Customer<br />don’t rip off. What the men paid me<br />apart from the fees, don’t ask for any other money. Trust in this market<br />it is very important. You must be tough bitches. Who does his job with pleasure, but never<br />if you are heard as bitches who don’t do crooked, turn the corner as soon as possible<br />it means we’re back. You’ll see, look, fuck the money in a very short time<br />we will, girls! You will get better at this over time. Enough<br />give the guys good, be hot”" Zeliş admonishes us<br />it was located.<br /><br />About four o’clock in the afternoon Aybars had returned. A lot of us from outside<br />he had brought ready meals. We fed our bellies first. We chatted.<br />After the meal, Aybars drank two viagra.<br /><br />Later, Aybars took Emel and me to a practical lesson again. Before<br />she dressed up some sexy lingerie we bought, and put them to slow music<br />he taught us how to strip and undress with accompaniment. This<br />I was doing the provocative undressing job better than Ambition, and even Zelish<br />he applauded me. We ended up naked.<br /><br />We went to bed, Aybars gave his cock to my mouth, more conscious than yesterday<br />i somehow attracted saxo to him. It hardened very quickly. Condom with my mouth,<br />he taught me to put my hands on his cock without using them, and then Emel<br />he started to fuck her pussy in different positions on the bed.<br />He started in the missionary position, then did the leg to the shoulder, then to the side<br />lying down, then sucking and pumping the girl’s pussy from behind<br />Emel started moaning with a red face. Enjoy<br />it was very obvious that it had started.<br /><br />Zeliş was giving instructions to Emele, who was being fucked at the time, and Emel is this<br />he was trying to follow the taliamtas. "fuck me, husband, pass me, more<br />fuck hard, you fuck me great" v.he was saying words like s, Emel, but<br />Zeliş claims that he didn’t say these things in a hot enough voice and that he was very<br />he was angry and Aybarsa ordered him to stop:" Stop, coach, get out of the bitch<br />what the fuck, am I wasting my breath here? I say talk hot, but<br />the wife indulged herself in her own pleasure. What is it, my beautiful? Came too sweet<br />eating dick? I’ll start enjoying you now! So that you can enjoy in the area<br />they won’t pay those freckle freckle coins! I’ll fuck now for your pleasure,<br />in keyfine! Take this gel, come on Aybars, work on the bitch’s ass a little<br />let’s see, let him understand hanya konya! But it’s like yesterday, it’s slowly slipping<br />the bitch’s ass, this time she hits her ass as brutal customers fuck<br />hit him, let’s see if he’s learned his lesson well. Come on, bitch, domal<br />shall I look at your ass cheeks in front of your man, tear them apart with your own hands?<br />Come on girl, don’t keep your man waiting, what are you looking at like a sacrificial sheep<br />in my face? Come on, do as I say…yes, that’s it… open your hungry ass<br />your cheeks,come on, Aybars, force your waist, lion. Look, Emel, especially with a cry,<br />especially with a cry, then he will tie you to this bed with the widest vase in the house<br />i’ll shove it up your ass, okay? We’re not stopping here for your pleasure, you<br />you will delight your man, you will shoot with pleasure!”<br /><br />Emel, who is already a kind and quiet girl, is completely scared<br />he does what Zelishin says without making a sound, and Aybarsda, the girl’s ass<br />after putting gel in her hole, she grabbed her own cock with her hand and Emel’s<br />after rubbing it on her brunette and round ass, he aligned it in her ass hole and<br />he slowly pressed his head inward.<br />Zelish and I were standing at the head of the bed and watching carefully. Goal,<br />he was curled up in bed, and he was leaning on the bed with his face turned to the side, with his hands


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