However, when I look at the opportunity, I already provide myself with the necessary environment in my own home. For example, sometimes my friends will come to me and we drink alcohol, besides, we get drunk while listening to music. However, there is still one of them, that man, for some reason, took an even closer interest in me. That person was actually one of Dilara’s closest friends, who was my closest friend. We’ve met him, and although he’s Decapitated, we see him and hang out together all the time. Of course, this was before the actual incident that happened to me. Especially after I got to know the man who was with me and owned me, I immediately cut off my communication with his friend. Because if you say why, no man has ever really fucked me perfectly. In fact, it was in an extremely interesting way that I met this last man I mentioned. I’ll write that right away, too.


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