If he won the bet, he was free to do anything to me as he wished.On me<br />i was going to fuck her until she screamed…!<br />We promised each other that no matter what the circumstances, we would fulfill what we wanted<br />to bring…!His victory is great talihsizlikti…ve i have it now<br />i kept my word.Yes, I was shocked when I asked what is your wish..Your daughter<br />she had a wish that her boyfriend would share what happened<br />she wanted to..<br />I was shocked, but I should have kept my word after all sözümde…Ve your request<br />i asked him what he wanted to do…torture me<br />my body is what she wants and she is making love with her boyfriend on the bike<br />it was under the engine tires..In my masochistic world, a<br />it’s like a hurricane has broken out..i like to be crushed and made small gidiyordu..ve<br />buddha was an opportunity just like I wanted..he said Okay.The place is a car garage<br />it was…


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