What I experienced 3 years ago when I was a prostitute for a period<br />I want to share with you. Three years ago, in the spring of 2003, I was 21<br />I was a year-old university student and the house named Emel in Ankara<br />my friend and I, in an apartment close to our faculty, where we study together<br />i was alive.<br /><br />I think it’s worth mentioning before continuing what I’m going to say;<br />all the names here have been changed by me.<br />Without needing to be humble at all when describing myself<br />I’m telling you, I’m a pretty girl. My height is 1.78, my weight is always 53-55<br />around here, I have long brown hair, a baby face and blue eyes. 14<br />since I’ve been of age, men have always been around me, but I<br />I was the daughter of a conservative family and I was a virgin until I was 22.<br /><br />I went out with them every once in a while, flirted with them a little and Decked my heart<br />i was entertaining, but when it came to sexuality, I immediately sidestepped and flirted<br />i was mailing it. Others are already drooling in your mouth and waiting in line<br />they would, and they would almost compete to take me to expensive places of entertainment.<br /><br />I think that’s what men carry with them like an exotic flower<br />they are very eager to appear with beautiful girls. Am I wrong, dear<br />seks-hikaye.com readers?<br /><br />Emel was a shorter and ladylike girl than me. With him<br />we were studying in the same department at the faculty, and one day Anfi was sitting behind me<br />we met and furthered our friendship and later decided to move into the same house<br />we bought it. My friend Emel, who is a brunette beauty, is chubby, black-eyed and<br />he’s a sweet-tongued guy.<br /><br />We had moved into an apartment according to our heart, but the rent and<br />we were having a hard time covering his other expenses. We are both in the red Crescent<br />we were working part-time in separate stores and studying on the one hand<br />but our hands were still very tight in those days.<br /><br />We decided to take a third roommate with us, and the same week<br />Zeliha, nicknamed “Zilli Zeliş” by our faculty, moved in with us. Zelish, very<br />although he is not a pretty face, he has a neat body, a short yellow face<br />she is a girl with hair and full breasts and is 2 years older than us.<br /><br />Just when everything was going to be fine with the arrival of Zeliha, Emel’s father passed away<br />and now he has to send money to his mother and 4 younger brothers every month<br />had been.<br />This is a setback, the store where I worked part-time during the same periods<br />one day, the authorities asked me to deposit that day’s proceeds into the bank<br />they sent it and I was the victim of a snatch.All the money and my purse<br />i was carried away!<br />The store officials who came to the police station said they suspected me and<br />they said they were going to complain about me. I’m supposed to make the money myself<br />i kept it or gave it to a friend and it’s like I was the victim of a snatch<br />was I faking it?!?<br /><br />All my appeals and pleas did not help, the missing money<br />they gave me 1 month to pay them back, or about me<br />they said they were going to file a complaint and they would have fired me the same day.<br /><br />I went home crying, Emel and Zeliha tried to comfort me, but<br />didn’t feel anything from their hands. This event; what a very conservative one<br />I wanted my family to hear it, I wanted it on my record. Solution<br />I had to find. I had not shed a tear for three days, and I was slandered<br />I couldn’t go to college with sadness.<br /><br />Zeliha was the one who found the solution.<br /><br />Zilli Zeliş, with the aim of increasing pocket money Decently from time to time<br />she accepted money or expensive gifts from the men she was with. Tell us this<br />he confessed that day.<br /><br />“Let me spit on your mind, Emelin! You’re both like peanuts,<br />there are thousands of men out there to be with you. Let this go<br />his ridiculous old-fashioned way. If you do as I say, the Emel family<br />he can easily send money, the money you stole, he’s in the store<br />you’ll be able to pay the scoundrels back, and you’ll have plenty of money in your pocket.<br />What are you stubborn about, girls? said<br /><br />Emel and I stuttered, ” How so? Are we going to be prostitutes?” so<br />we asked. We were shocked. We definitely resisted this idea at first,<br />but then we accepted it because we couldn’t come up with any other solution.<br /><br />Zilli Zelis knew very well how to handle these things. In a sense<br />To be Emel and my pimp (our manager with his own change)<br />he was a volunteer, but he wanted a commission in return for his work.<br /><br />I was going to object by opposing the last time ”well, Zeliş, I<br />am I a virgin? I have no idea what to do in bed? What prompted? I don’t have experience? ”<br /><br />Zeliş had a pleasant laugh and said, "Ay girl, you are really naive! Heck<br />these guys pay three times as much to spoil a virgin,<br />you don’t know? I wish Emel was a virgin, but it’s okay,<br />you’ll both make super money, and then you’ll fall at my feet<br />you’ll thank me ”<br /><br />The way things started.<br />Before, Zelis brought a lot of porn movies to our house, all of them<br />he made them watch it and made them memorize some parts by rewinding them over and over again.<br />I had very strange feelings. On the one hand, I’m scared out of my mind and take my head<br />i was trying to run away from this vortex I fell into, on the other hand, a lot of money<br />i knew I couldn’t get out without winning.<br /><br />Emel was as distraught and scared as I was, but we had no other choice.<br />he was conscious that he was not.<br /><br />In the same week, Zeliş came to our house with the name Aybars, a burly, neatly dressed and<br />he brought a friendly person.<br />" Let me introduce you girls, this is Aybars. That I give him for free Decently from time to time<br />he’s a friend. I’m giving him a free one because he hits super!<br />Aybarscım, look, these are my friends Dilara and Emel that I told you about.<br />Come on, girls, lighten up a little, Aybars is the practice instructor for you two today<br />it will be. Look at me, Aybars, remember my admonition that you will teach girls everything<br />but don’t put it in our blue tongues, okay? Our virginity commission<br />then the boom goes!” yes, " he said.<br /><br />In the face of Zeliş’s relaxed attitude and the words he used, Emel and I<br />we were frozen with red faces. Until that day, I was in my life<br />I’ve never stripped naked in front of anyone.<br /><br />Maybe now you will laugh, dear seks-hikaye.com but on that day, and<br />it had been a very DIFFICULT day for me.<br />Emel had previously slept with a boy from her neighborhood when she was in high school<br />but still, that job was different, this job was different.<br />It took us about 1 hour to even be able to undress naked, and in the end<br />Zeliş sorted the curses that came to both of us with his own hands by sorting the curses that came to his mouth<br />he had robbed us tugging and tugging.


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