Hello, walla, I think most of the stories here are made up, but I<br />i will tell you the real event that happened last night,, my name is ahmet,,I am 18 years old<br />high school,,<br />at the end of this summer vacation, we met a friend of mine in ewn with a male girl<br />sewgilis wardi next to everyone,I have a sign more than 3 gn<br />my old girlfriend was in the war,, we went to ew, we had a lot of fun ,,like drinking water<br />he was leaving, but I didn’t drink much, I drank a lot of vodka, we drank water now<br />if I’m not comfortable with your movements, let those in the environment sleep in my room and die<br />götrdm,,he asked me to stay next to him, so I’m still sleeping, die dsndm<br />i reached out to him,, we talked a little, I never said you look like you’re drunk, he’s also<br />he said I was drunk, he said I was drunk, he said simariklik yabiom onnari,,to talk<br />dewam we did, but aysen did not fall asleep, I wonder if we kiss, he said, I<br />in my heaven we have piercing warr on your tongue,try ozman dedk<br />we kissed for a long time,while Ayse was trying on the t-shirt I was wearing<br />sounds came,immediately we both pretended to be asleep,,the sounds are just dewam<br />ettkk.ayse took the t shirt off me in two moves<br />we turned around and passed on me<br />i tried to shake what was on him, but I can’t get up, let me<br />he didn’t,,he loosened my belt,I was already ready at the bottom, immediately aazina<br />aldi, it was really great when he said the piercing on his tongue,inside of me<br />last night aase brakti memkini, sirra said you have ahmetcim: D, I have him<br />i robbed them, their looks were very nice ,,I took aazima while licking someone with the other<br />playing with elm<br />alttlara door indm altini actm,,ami was trassy but it was great yne my tongue<br />while he was putting it between them, he was fucking himself so that I wouldn’t moan.<br />he stepped on his head, I said zmani came now, I rooted at the moment we never expected<br />i’m on the moon, the customer threw a cigarette, soora, we both stayed, someone will come<br />die, no one came,,yawas yawas gdip I started coming,,the room even breathed<br />he tried to adjust, but he couldn’t do it, hoarse hoarse inliodu,,iice<br />i took out my accelerated dick, I ejaculated on her cunt,,the room is already<br />it was already empty<br />we tried to kiss, but we were tired.we slept,,when it was morning heb together<br />when we were walking, we understood that everyone heard us, but he didn’t take his voice off,,laughing<br />duru


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