<p>Hi, we are two friends, ma’am, and we are both 20 years old.<br />Actually, we hate whores, so not the professional ones, and<br />men can be whores too, I’m sure I’m you guys, what am I right now<br />i mean, you understand me! That’s the kind of bitches we don’t like<br />but two beautiful women staying in the same house suddenly as a profession<br />we decided to choose whoring. Because we’re broke. Actually<br />we both became boyfriends and we are not girls, but this profession is also<br />we also feel a little strange that we are going to do it for the first time. This<br />we also need to tell you that the incident that happened was 1 year ago. Anyway<br />facebook instagram pictures are beautiful because of the duo on instagram<br />we started sharing and then there was a twitter wave<br />we also started using it, which is really popular. Actually<br />facebook instagram and facebook accounts did not come out, but from twitter<br />we registered the next day a guy wrote that we are 5 friends<br />in case you would come.<br /><br />The group is together, and for the first time! A man also asked the price and<br />you are really a crowd because we don’t know what we should say<br />i said you guys suggest a number and he finally said ok and<br />indeed he gave a figure ow, a small fortune. Of course, two<br />friends, we ran into the residence, but the man who was talking to us<br />Turkish, 4 of them are Syrian. Suddenly the dicks came out, my friend<br />he said pay first. We also got paid at that time and also to fuck<br />we started, but really the dicks we ate were incredibly big<br />yes, we couldn’t come to our senses for a while, and at that time an Arab was behind me<br />it passed, he stuck it in the ass, won’t someone give it when someone says pussy, too<br />in my mouth and I passed out, just to Seda, a<br />i looked at the guys, the girl really has her own dicks<br />as if that wasn’t enough, they also spent a vibrator from behind. I said okay at that moment<br />I understand why they paid us so much now.<br />We actually went home, we also got paid, but I mean, how many<br />we couldn’t sit on it for a week.</p>

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