Yes, my story was in the middle of last summer, we went on a summer vacation now<br />I wanted it to be a girl, but I didn’t want it every summer.again<br />I knew that won’t happen.okay, I said, let the girl do her job, I said to myself, mehmet<br />i said girls won’t look at day when I was sitting at home, I lit my cigarette to smoke<br />i started, my cell phone friend yusuf, you were smoking<br />he said no, I said yes, okay, come out, wait for me there<br />Tuesday, Tuesday, I went to the houses in front of my hand, I went to the houses.<br />what did I see there, two girls, the goods look crazy, now I said to myself, walk<br />memo, they said that luck comes to your feet, a fool becomes a know-it-all, and it happened. joseph on the road<br />ayşegül and nermin walked and nermin offered me a cigarette and I said thank you<br />he said it doesn’t matter. okay, this girl is mine, I said from the inside, yusuf is hers<br />his relative yusuf said I’m going to the toilet and I said ok<br />we went to the second floor and sat down. the girl is looking at me, can I hug her<br />i said hug me or what kind of man are you, I said kiss me now<br />fuck, you kiss me, he said, and I’ll kiss you on the cheek, on the lip<br />he touched it, put his tongue in my mouth, I trembled, or come on, he said down<br />he said let’s go, I said what are we going to do to me, he said walk, I came to undress in front of me<br />he started licking the goods, what a stupid idiot told me, I froze, I stayed in your pussy<br />i started licking it, he said take it off, you have your property, I took it off, give it to me<br />how did he start licking my hand, how did he almost eat my dick, now that’s<br />but he said, I looked, I looked, you fucking idiot, stick it up your ass, you licked the fucking kid<br />you licked me, he said I can’t stand it, come on, I stuck it in your pussy, I stuck it, but<br />how the girl lies on me hot hot ass fucked i pierced her cunt<br />i broke it, the blood spilled on the grass, my head was covered in blood, I said what the fuck is that, and<br />i cum inside the girl relaxed beeee ohhhhhhh she said cock pleasure she said a<br />he lit a cigarette and gave it to me, so I was relieved, of course, and it was time for an abortion<br />we made her cunt erect with the money I made her do, we prevented her from holding cum<br />he gave me a room, money, no one should hear, my handsome idiot told me otherwise<br />I write the stories that have happened to me.


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