College romances have always been everyone’s excitement, of course. Mine was a little too passionate. If you’ve noticed, I’m saying mine, I’m a little too crazy. I’ll get to the point right away without further ado, don’t worry.<br /><br />When I had just turned 20, I was surprised by what I experienced with the excitement and passion of entering the university environment for the first time. Especially as a city away from the family and a beautiful girl freed from her chains. I started to feel even more beautiful and even more free. Of course, I had boyfriends when I was in high school, but they always said that college was someone else, I really didn’t believe it. By the end of the first month, my adaptation process had progressed very slowly. I wasn’t dealing with anyone properly, and I was finding it better to hang out on my own. Maybe it was to get attention, my goal was to get attention, although I don’t remember exactly my feelings at that moment, that’s what happened. For the first month, I was a very calm and quiet girl. Until that day…


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