Meanwhile, my dick under the Flood had woken up, resting Decently on the hips of the Flood. With a small movement, I straightened my dick in the tracksuit. While Selin was enjoying the excitement of driving, I was also enjoying it very much. Under the pretext of Deciphering, I was going back and forth between the legs, with small movements back and forth. Sel’s hair on my lap touched my face. I put my head closer to the front and put a kiss on her neck and said, “Well done, you’re doing well, girl!I said. Selin rejoices, “Am I using it well, Dad?" he was asking. “You’re doing very well, girl, of course this is not something that will happen at once, we need to work hard!I said. "Okay, let’s work hard, Dad, let’s work every day so that I can learn right away!" said. "Yes, girl, yes, we will work!I said. "Look, Dad, I have to find out before mom, according to her!" said. “Okay, daughter, when your mother goes to the course every day, we also go out to study, it will be a surprise for your mother!I said. While Selin was jumping and jumping on the spot from the joy of the flood in my lap, my dick couldn’t take it anymore and I ejaculated in my panties. Immediately stop the car, “let’s go in!I said. “If I had used a little more?" said. ”My toilet has arrived, girl …" I lowered the flood by saying. My panties were wet, I didn’t want my sweatpants to get wet. I went behind the trees, took off my panties and threw them away. When I returned, Seline said“ "That’s it for today, and then we’ll move on, girl!I said. We went back to my wife and it was a nice picnic.


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