hello, my name is because I am 26 years old, I am a married father of a child, my wife is mine<br />we were lovingly married in my old age. we are living in suan abroad. i am the one who passed the press<br />i want to share a moment with you. you understand the topic from the beginning<br />i like to make love very much and my life is very active, my wife and<br />we are not forbidden in sexuality. two years ago, I left for Turkey<br />i was going, of course, in my private car, chatting with my wife on the way and<br />we were spending time with our relatives by phone, Deciphering the phone<br />he fell out of my hand and I lost the phone from my wife so as not to lose my balance on the road<br />i asked him to take off his glasses when he bent down to take off the phone<br />he slapped my legs and suddenly my sexual feelings were stimulated. my dick right now<br />he stiffened and I threw my hand out to straighten it, my wife noticed. to me<br />he said no. i said that I wanted you, and the room laughed<br />then he opened my fermari and started to suck my dick, I immediately put the car aside<br />i took it that the windows of the car were black, so it was not being looked at from outside<br />time was imperceptible inside. anyway, I immediately took my wife’s glasses<br />I started to suck and I was pouting on her lips, we were both crazy.<br />my wife grabbed my dick with her hand and pumped it with her hand then bent down and<br />he started to touch my dick with his tongue, my dick got even more set and my dick<br />he took it in his mouth and started sulking for a while after sulking, I went back<br />i said my night, I pulled one of the ten seats of the car to the end and put it in the back<br />we passed, my wife, I took off her pants and split her legs in half, and on<br />i leaned on the seat master, took off his weight and started licking his pussy<br />it was obvious that the appetite had come to him because ammi had watered down, I ammini<br />i was sulking and throwing bites from time to time after Decanting for a while, I had<br />i took off my pants and we put my dick in her mouth again, she was sucking so nicely<br />he was biting my ass in his hand, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and ammina my dick<br />i poked and reached out to the master, I was both fucking him and sucking his glasses<br />the room pulled me from my waist and gave me even more pleasure with its tongue from time to Dec<br />she was giving me mouth, so I’m sucking my dick for a while after making love to boyle<br />i took it and put it between his glasses and started walking back and forth in my hand<br />i’m oxidizing the ammonia we were both full now we wanted to empty a moment ago<br />while I was sucking my pussy, my wife started Decanting, meanwhile, my dick in her mouth<br />almis was sulking madly, so I couldn’t resist and I emptied it into his mouth faster<br />he started sulking and continued sulking for about two minutes and all<br />i emptied the sperm into his mouth, he took my dick out of his mouth and licked my skin<br />some. I sat down next to him and we both rested for a while. wonderful<br />it was a day and I can’t stop thinking about it. i will give you other memories later<br />i’ll write.


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