I’ve been crossing for a long time and the blonde,<br />from high school who blew my mind with his muscular body cute face<br />my boyfriend and I finally shared the numbers and a<br />time we were seeing. In the garden almost every class break at school Dec<br />walks, meetings outside and so on are literally great<br />we had an outgoing acquaintance process. Anyway, last week<br />we both had a free lesson coinciding with the same moment, and we took a walk for a while<br />towards the garden. Here we found one of the empty benches in the back and<br />we started kissing. We were kissing so much that her lips<br />he stuck his hand to my lips and his hand inside my skirt<br />he was beating. My pussy was already starting to water… in the garden environment<br />i thought we could be seen and that we should go through it<br />i asked, he said where should we make love. I think the most suitable place was the sink…<br /><br />We walked quickly and to the bathroom<br />we arrived. We waited a while for no one to see, and finally<br />We went in. Since we are in a private school, we have an immaculate and calm<br />we have a bathroom. Anyway, there were two of us so horny that we were almost like animals<br />we were making love. He bent down slightly and got under my skirt, my panties<br />after stripping, he was licking my pussy in blood. She’s walking around in your pussy<br />tongue, the meeting of my pleasure waters with your lips makes me scream with pleasure<br />he had brought it to the point of throwing, but my fingers in case my voice was heard,<br />i was biting my hand. You know that feeling, it gives me enough pleasure<br />when he brought it, he pulled down his pants and his cock, which was already like a stone<br />he put it in my mouth. Try to treat her gently and softly<br />i was sucking up, but he wanted me to be fast. Squeeze your dick tight in my throat<br />to put it in my mouth and even in the deepest part of my throat and take it out<br />started. I thought I wouldn’t be able to breathe for a while. Finally fuck<br />our time had also come. I lifted one leg and watered,<br />he started coming in and out of my warm pussy. Me<br />he licks my neck with the other hand and chest with one hand while I fuck<br />he was squeezing my ends. He fucked me hard until I had an orgasm… At<br />it was one of those sexual relationships that I enjoyed and enjoyed. Orgasm<br />instead of ejaculating inside me while being cum in my mouth and cum your cum<br />and the nonsense that came through my lips was a separate fantasy for us…<br />I can’t express the pleasure I got with words


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