I am Sevay English teacher. 180 tall black long hair blue<br />i’m a full-breasted lady with eyes.I am married and I am very happy with my wife.married<br />even though i’m still being raped by men i’m a witness to<br />all of them I will.i was 14 when I got home from my girlfriend<br />I was back.Like a black dry street boy named Arab Jamal in the neighborhood<br />there was a 15-year-old boy whose living parents were irresponsible.Me on the street<br />he grabbed me, he said come talk to me something, he grabbed my arm very quickly<br />i was afraid,I’m listening, to attack without telling what to talk about<br />started.On top of me is a beeyaz sleeveless T-shirt with a picture written on it, and under me is red<br />there was a mid-length floral skirt,with a wild animal instinct on me<br />he attacked, took off my T-shirt and bra as fast as he could,kissing my breasts<br />he began to bite, lick, suck.He laid me on the ground in the road mouth.Crying<br />i was screaming, don’t, please don’t, I’m too young, I’m a virgin, don’t spoil me<br />please, you will taste the first pleasure in me, bitch, I will be the first to fuck, how nice<br />he said he kissed me all over, groped my butt and started hitting me fast.<br />he started coming and going fast behind me,it hurt so much ahhhhh don’t<br />ahhhhhhh ihhhhh please ahhhhhhhhh ayyyyyyyyy what happens if the meat grinder hurts me<br />…….He put his hand in my mouth so that I wouldn’t scream, he made me suck, his hands were very dirty<br />he smelled dirty all over his head, I felt sick, he started beating me<br />ahhhhhh tattoo ahhhh don’t hit don’t pull my hair ahhh don’t hit my butt.I went home<br />my head was covered in blood and semen, my sister asked what was wrong, thank god<br />my parents were not at home, they were working, I wiped my tears, sister, what happened<br />he asked, nothing, I said I fell, I went into the bathroom, closed myself in my room and cried in the evening<br />and I didn’t go out until my parents came, I was afraid to go out on the street again to school<br />apart from that, I didn’t go out on the street for three months,I was always home alone on weekends, sometimes Decently<br />i invited my girlfriends home, I will continue my memories…… for reading<br />thanks


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