Hello, you can be sure that the story I am going to write is completely true, and in the story<br />the people who have passed are not their real names, so that there is no attack on private life, my story is 10 years<br />first it happened in March 2008 at the age of 40 my aunt’s name Sermin<br />he’s a little overweight, but he has a very sexy friend, one evening, sister Sermin takes us to her own house<br />my cousin called after I went to sleep, my aunt and I went outside after waiting for a while<br />then sister Sermin picked us up in her friend’s car, they did some shopping and<br />sermin we went to your sister’s house, there were 4 women and 4 men in the house with my aunt.<br />it was a drunken environment, I was hanging out at the pc, and they were talking and chatting<br />sermin’s sister and my aunt have two friends in common, her name is mehtap later she<br />he came at night around 23.30 sermin sister’s guests left, only I’m at home, my aunt<br />sister sermin and mehtap were left in the moonlight short in stature but a little weight problem<br />it was a woman who was my aunt said boyle let’s go out, not sitting at home, two men<br />he called his friend and picked us up, we went to a folk song bar first because they were drinking alcohol at home<br />they were drinking there too, they were almost zoom, they all got out of there, we went to another bar<br />i was also touching the breasts of your sister Mehtap, as if it happened with Decency<br />i went on the runway to sign up for 1-2 girls at the bar, but it was successful<br />i couldn’t be, just as we were about to go out, sister mehtap came and we started dancing together<br />he was rubbing it on me, and I really enjoyed it, my penis is not very big, but<br />when he gets up, it will be easily visible from my pants, they said about 02.00 now<br />let’s go to the houses, we were going to leave the sermin and the moonlight first, zoom in well at 2<br />they were at sermin balan’s house at 7. he was on the floor, I told my aunt, I brought them home<br />i’ll take it off, i’ll come home, i took sister sermin to bed, sora mehtap<br />sister threw herself on the sofa, she told me, tell your aunt merve ablan(sermin ablan<br />daughter)sermin sister won’t come tonight or something, she’s afraid I’ll stay here tonight<br />he said so, I told my aunt exactly from the balcony, and she told me this early in the morning<br />come, but he said yes, I went in, sat down next to the moonlight for a few minutes.<br />we looked at each other, and then the moonlight suddenly stuck to my lips, I said stop<br />he said what are you doing, I’m not an idiot, mom, do you think I couldn’t since we went out<br />you’re fifty, take me, here’s an opportunity for you, he said, and I don’t have any experience yet, so<br />fazlla said I don’t know anything, but mehtp told me I’ll teach you<br />so let’s just say let’s start then we stuck to each other’s lips strawberry<br />when I was kissing because the gloss was on, I could taste strawberries in my mouth, I immediately pulled her blouse<br />i took it off, her breasts sagged a little from the weight, but it was very magical to suck right away<br />i started, it was the first time something like this had happened to me, come on, let go of my breasts, lick my pussy<br />he said so i said you’re the boss and i started pissing your pants black<br />she was wearing a boxer-style lacy lingerie bole i loved lingerie very much<br />i said stop, I’m not taking off your underwear, I took two scissors and put them between the Decollete, ass and pussy<br />i cut her hole in such a way that I saw it and started licking from the cut a very super<br />it was a feeling for me, then he said I can’t take it anymore, come inside me too<br />okay, sister, you want enough, I said, because my penis is not too big, he immediately entered bi<br />10 min. after fucking, she took it in her mouth and licked my little one perfectly<br />i came trembling, and then we collapsed to the ground, we hugged each other on both sides<br />we were kissing for 5 Dec. he was past, I looked, he passed out, so I got up from next to him<br />i was going to the bathroom when I saw that the door of your sister sermin was open<br />i said why not, and sermin went into her sister’s room


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