My name is Sevda. I live in Ankara. I work at a bank. Normal<br />I have an ordinary life, from work to home to work. The worst of living with family<br />he must have this with him. Although I have many relatives in Ankara, I travel and<br />we’re having fun, but it would still be better to live alone. A typical<br />I am a Turkish woman, brunette, big tits, buttocks, fat skinny Decollete, neat<br />i’m a physical girl. My face is beautiful too. So whether it means sex, in any field<br />i trust myself and my beauty. With only 2 men so far<br />i came out and fucked only 1 time from behind. But I made love a lot, of course, in 2 years<br />many…<br /><br />The opposite street of the bank where I work is full of cafes and restaurants,<br />between lunch, or when I don’t eat at home after work, Decisively<br />we’re going there. I have been working for about 1 year and every 1 year<br />we have a fish restaurant that we go to all the time. Now that we go often,<br />whether it’s employees, whether it’s the boss, they all know us, defect in service<br />… didn’t. It was a very nice place. Of course, the waiters are all<br />they were charismatic and handsome from each other. But I’m still against anyone<br />I couldn’t be open, I was always a closed box. But someone who caught my attention<br />there was the eldest son of the shopkeeper sitting at the checkout counter! So<br />he had no good looks, moreover, he was a man who could be called overweight. 30<br />I mean, he was a big guy about his age, with a big belly. But<br />she has very nice green eyes and such, big lips, and such a light hairy,<br />he had a wild type with a dirty beard and stuff. I normally don’t like overweight men,<br />but this person seemed very strange to me, every time I came, his smiling face said, ‘You<br />if only for a fuck!’ it was as if he was attracting me with his gaze. But I<br />it must be because I don’t want to get close to anyone, and he’s overweight<br />and it must be because you think he’s not handsome, it’s just official<br />we didn’t talk at all, except for conversations. But we both have each other<br />it was strangely clear that he desired…<br /><br />One day I went there again after work one day when my parents were not at home.<br />I sat down, told him about my dinner and stuff. There weren’t many people, just my table<br />and there was a table in the opposite corner. He was sitting in the vault again and his eyes<br />he was secretly on me again. It was freezing outside. You know, this winter<br />it was cold, especially in Ankara. Anyway, I drank my soup, my salad, my fish<br />i ate, I came to the cash register again, looking (I’d rather say eye-to-eye fucking<br />that would be right!) i paid my bill and left. Only one even if expired<br />it didn’t stop, I waited for a full 25 minutes. It’s full, the bus is all full, or<br />it didn’t look. Taxis too, the icing is very bad, because the traffic is heavy, or<br />it was in transit, or it was full. I was going crazy. I called my dad.<br />"We are in Xinjiang, girl, it will take me 1 hour to come, somehow linger there,<br />if you can come, you can come too!said …<br /><br />After getting angry and saying everything, I entered the restaurant again and sat down.<br />He was in the safe again when he came in. I heard explanation,<br />“You can see the state of the city, as if there is a shortage of taxi cars!”<br />I said. Laughing, he said, "Yes, I know, don’t I! Now if you’ll excuse me if <br />i’ll let you go, I just had my chain put on last week, and it’s fully maintained<br />my car, and I was already leaving!" said. Even if I tell you, be ashamed<br />you get bored, you say, "Well, that would be very good, actually, wouldn’t you mind?"I said. “What<br />don’t bother, you’re a regular customer, not to mention, here you go!" said. I<br />from the front, he got out behind me and we went to his car. But never soon<br />i didn’t think we could live through what I have to say…<br /><br />We got in the car and drove off. After a while, the roads were blocked. Wait wait<br />does not open. We weren’t talking at all. Meanwhile, it’s Decadent. I wasn’t afraid, but<br />i was afraid, obviously. He will also realize that, “You don’t have to be afraid at all<br />no, relax, please, pretend like we’re two friends!” he said, I smiled.<br />He called someone, said the roads were closed, the closest to our house<br />he asked where he could go or something. His friend also described, that way<br />we went right. There, too, the car got stuck in the mud. In the darkness of the evening, in the middle<br />there was no vehicle, no one. In my heart, God, what are we becoming,<br />this is what happens if I get into a stranger’s car! I said. Anyway, we got in the car<br />again, he called a friend and said that we were stuck in the mud, for help<br />he told them to come. He apologized to me very, very much, too. And I said“ "What’s yours<br />it’s your fault, the weather is bad!” blah blah, I said.<br /><br />We sat in the car and we stayed. It was a sepsis-free environment. His breathing<br />while their delivery is a little fast due to their weight, it seems that more<br />it had accelerated. We had evasive glances. And suddenly he patted me, “Very<br />you’re a lovely lady, I can’t help but say that!" said. I’m embarrassed“ "You<br />also!"I said. “Really?" said. “Yes!” I said, and I laughed. So the spirit of the moment<br />i can’t tell you how I am, I’m normally very shy in a sexual sense or something,<br />but at that moment I felt like a woman, seducing a man<br />it’s like a necessary female, and I fixed my eyes on the man’s face, there is such a thing<br />expressive looks. The cigarette ash in the man’s hand from excitement to his shirt<br />the thought startled. And I was like, "Oh, did something happen?" he jumped up and took my hand<br />when he took it to his shirt, the film broke off, and his breathing increased significantly. Me too<br />i let go of myself and stuck to your lips…<br /><br />My God, what a kiss that is! The guy literally lips my lips with<br />fucked. It’s like he hasn’t kissed in 100 years. All of a sudden I pulled up and said, “What am I doing<br />oh, me, I can’t be that, I’m not like that!" when I say, “How am I<br />i know you’re someone, I’ve been watching for 1 year, it’s nice, quiet and good<br />you are a girl, I always want you, I like you, please go on!”<br />said. I looked at his face for a while and stuck to his lips again. The driver’s seat<br />it had already completely covered the belly. I took off my coat and threw it back, my hair<br />i opened it and took off my one piece long winter dress.<br />I was even more turned on by her tiny moans and ecstasy. I was in tights and<br />I sat on her lap with my bra. It was sepsert, I could feel it.<br />In his ear, he said, “Put your pants down!” I said, and he took it down at once. Your Shirt<br />I also undid the buttons one by one. Take off your inner athlete by kissing and back<br />I threw it. I have panties in my bra, and she has only panties left. I couldn’t believe,<br />but I couldn’t stop, neither to myself nor to him…<br /><br />He tilted my chair back, made it straight, and I lay down, already small<br />i’m a tefek. I was crazy when he came down from my belly button to my pussy while kissing. The language is easy, 1<br />i haven’t had sex for more than a year, I haven’t had sex. He began to lick so much that<br />he was vacuuming my pussy, inside and out. “It’s delicious, wonderful, amazing!”<br />he says something like that, he was driving me crazy. Believe me nonstop for 10 minutes, breathless<br />he licked my pussy until I stayed and I pulled her hair and fucked her pussy<br />i ejaculated, pressing. We started kissing again. At this time he is back<br />she retreated to her seat, literally on that huge headed dick under her belly<br />I attacked him. I sucked so hard that while I was sucking, he was, "Ohhh, willingly horny<br />i feel you’re making me horny, I’m gonna die of pleasure, ohhhhh!" he was saying. 10-15<br />I sucked at it for minutes without stopping. “I’m coming!" all as soon as he says<br />i swallowed it. But he was more upright, dick…<br /><br />I sat on his lap and started rubbing his dick on my pussy. “I’m a virgin, but,<br />neyapcaz?” 🙁 I said. “Did you give it to the ass at all, baby?" said. Lie<br />I said“ "No, I didn’t, and I won’t!” blah blah, I said. He convinced me :)<br />I lay down in my own chair facing the door, and he rolled the dice behind me<br />he barely got close and wetted my ass with my pussy waters. Rubbing your dick in my ass<br />when it started, both of us had broken the movie. I know it was barely going in, but<br />I’d like to. I was moaning as I slowly put it in my ass. Then a<br />he went through it all at once. Officially I’ve got tears in my eyes. So a bit<br />after staying, he started to go away. He was fucking like a maniac, non-stop,<br />bump the belly on my ass. I was sucking on your fingers. Shak shak shak sounds, he<br />the pleasure of fucking, the pain, the pleasure, for about 20 minutes went back and forth fast and slow Jun<br />the way. Then when the end is near, stroking my pussy as well, and me<br />he brought it to his hand, and he literally squirted half a glass into my ass…<br /><br />He just stayed behind me. We we were both panting. After a while<br />we packed up and giggled and got dressed. He lit a cigarette, “You were amazing! I<br />i haven’t fucked like this in a long time!" said. Then a little before anyone comes<br />we kissed, I took his cock in my mouth again, I emptied him again. Then<br />his friends are here. Again we parted in an official way, he left my house<br />me, I said thank you.<br /><br />This incident had happened at the beginning of January. I don’t go very often now<br />the restaurant. So I fucked her the first time, let her think wrong<br />it’s about me not wanting to. But he keeps texting and calling me, he likes me<br />he wants to have love from me. Frankly, I think he’s a nice guy, too, and I<br />i’d like to, but I need to beg a little, and then I’ll put myself in your arms again<br />i’ll throw it away 🙂


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