Exactly 4 years ago, I had a girlfriend named qigdem. With him<br />i met him at a garment workshop and we were together for like 2 years<br />with himself. He told his mother about our relationship and one day<br />I had to leave the factory where I worked. I was a model in the workshop<br />i was doing it. I got a job at another factory. A week later with my qigdem<br />we got on the phone, and her mother was taking care of the tea business at the factory.<br />The next day I asked for tea, even though I didn’t like it, and someone brought me tea.<br />My model room is on the top floor of the factory, a place that no one without a job can enter<br />he was eating, and a complete stunner with short black hair in front of me brought tea. My Fence<br />he told me that you must be the one he was talking about. With a fear in me, yes<br />me I said to him. Now I understand why my Qigda is so beautiful<br />I said. He asked why. I told her that I was impressed by her beauty,<br />he laughed and wished me success in my work…<br />Her mother was beautiful and charming. After that, I was dreaming of him, his strength<br />I left it and watched his way to see when he would come to get the empty. Suddenly<br />there was a knock at the door and he came in. I immediately took the empty away with him and his eyes<br />i stretched empty, looking inside…<br />I was constantly asking for tea. Don’t talk comfortably because I’m working alone in the room<br />i was getting the opportunity. And one day he will call and try on a trouser model<br />I wanted him, because it was his body. Of course it’s my demonism.<br />He said if you sew for me in one of the rooms, I will try. She pulled the curtain and started wearing<br />it seemed that he was undressing, since his trousers and the curtain remained slightly open. Yellow<br />when he pulled down his tight pants, my heart stopped. He had no weight under him.<br />When she bent down, her wide hips were spread. her ass was smooth,<br />i couldn’t resist, I was going to attack. The dressing room was very small and the rehearsal was there<br />i wanted to do it so I could be closer to her and her pants are full<br />he was wearing it. I asked in a low voice if I was dressed, and when I didn’t get an answer, I pulled the curtain<br />i opened it. The room was zipping, he wanted to get out of the cabin, but<br />he couldn’t get out because I was at the door, and he stayed there, his pants were so tight<br />her calves and hips seemed to pop out…<br />We were both in the narrow cabin and we were looking into the eyes of the room laughing<br />he said it was too tight. He said it’s like my hips are all out. Onunda<br />i knew you wanted me, but we couldn’t open up to each other. Everywhere<br />he said, why is this beautiful in front of him? Her pussy’s ciar hadn’t sat down<br />your pants. I asked him to bend over and spread his leg. The cabin is narrow<br />because my head was touching your belly and mine was scratched and blistered<br />it was like. He noticed it himself and put my hand on his pussy and the fabric<br />I started to correct the excess,Z actually it was enough for me to even see the error<br />but I wanted to open up, I wanted to touch him. With my middle finger in your pussy<br />i was pushing, rubbing. I felt a slight wetness in her pussy and my head<br />when I lifted and looked at her face, she closed her eyes and squeezed her lower lip with pleasure<br />he was taking it.<br />I unzipped your pants…<br />I lowered the zipper of the beltless pants, slightly lowered the pants and<br />i was hitting her pussy with my tongue. I could hear moaning sounds<br />iiiiiihhhhhhh ahhhhh üppppp because immmmm. I got me even more aroused,<br />i took out my dick and raised one leg and began to put it in her pussy.<br />Her pussy was so tight, I could barely get it in, and there were screaming noises. Ahh<br />uhhhh, come on, son, do it faster! He was also pushing himself towards my dick,<br />we finally came, both of us. Then he came down and 10 minutes later<br />he came with a tea in his hand. Tonight my husband is not at home, come to us in the evening<br />he said that you can meet with my qigdem, and we will make love whenever we have the opportunity. I accepted<br />and I squeezed her hips a little and she sat on my lap, the room shook itself.<br />I knocked on the door of their house in the evening. He was standing in front of me in a bathrobe and bath<br />he said he would. He said the crocus will arrive in 1 hour. O banyaya<br />he came in and I was sitting on the sofa bed. I couldn’t resist watching from the door,<br />i came in undressed and squeezed her breasts, inside her mouth with my tongue<br />i was licking and squeezing her buttocks with my hands and separating her buttocks in the middle<br />i was pushing my finger up your ass. Suddenly she shook her hips and<br />he took my finger off. No, he said, I can’t let the ass. Even my husband Don’t do it!<br />he said from there. I asked her to lay on the floor in the bathroom on her back and her legs<br />I raised it. He held his calves with his hands and 2 holes in the pumpkin<br />it was like it was opened. I rubbed my soapy hand on her pussy, actually my goal<br />it was different.<br />It was to soap the ass hole and pass it through suddenly! Soaps flowing from her pussy<br />it was flowing right into the ass hole. I lightly soaped it with my finger, expanded it and<br />i stuck my cock like a stake in your pussy! I came here, suddenly<br />i took it out of her pussy, put it in the ass hole and rooted it. Even your hand<br />I rooted before I could lift it. She screamed in the bathroom. She screams again and again<br />I was told aahhhhhhhhhhh. After a little commute to enjoy the room<br />started. i cum in your ass and after washing we came out of the bathroom, my<br />we waited for him to come…<br />At last crocus came, I hugged his bon next to his mother and kissed him<br />him. We sat down, and his mother praised me with words of praise. Still with his mother<br />we even fuck, sometimes with my partner, but to make a group with both of them<br />she said she wouldn’t open up to her mother because she wanted to,she was angry


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