19<br />i am old, my husband is 21 and he is really a nice guy, hardworking<br />also, but I’m a very jealous woman! My husband does not have a woman<br />from traveling around but constantly with friends, go home late<br />I also warned him to come because I was uncomfortable, but he didn’t listen. 1<br />also we’ve been married for years, this just won’t do, so that your eyes<br />i tried to scare, yes, I left the house with this excuse, but<br />like I said, I love my husband too, just a more sincere man<br />I want to be. My mom and dad too, a long time ago<br />I went to my older sister’s house because we lost, so I got angry. My big sister<br />he also said that he had already come for 2 weeks so that he could rub his nose, he also said that<br />according to him, he made my brother-in-law such a man. He used to cheat on my sister…<br />I don’t know about this, after all, my sister is 35 and my brother-in-law is 37,<br />they didn’t used to say things like this before.<br /><br />With My Uncle<br />when I’m sitting at home, the phone keeps coming, the typhoon swears and so on,<br />she’s crying and crying, my sister said don’t go for pity for at least 2 weeks, 3.<br />she cried the day she shouldn’t be back early, so I listened. 1 week later<br />she also cried, but my uncle said quite a lot, I’ll take the girl, let her talk<br />no, I’ll bring it because you didn’t take it to the man. My sister, take it, but bring it<br />for sure, girl, you give the signal too, if you get better, I’ll be back soon<br />he said, I listened. Don’t stay so far away from your husband when you’re driving in the car, otherwise<br />he said he goes to other women, my brother-in-law said I wouldn’t either, my husband<br />i said, uncle, is everyone you? She laughed, there was a skirt on me<br />he started touching my calves! Don’t do it too, brother-in-law, but my sister<br />i said if he hears, he said he won’t hear if you don’t tell him, but fuck, he’s got his hands<br />in line. Unfortunately, we also got to the house… Anyway, we went inside. Brother-in-law<br />When I call Tayfun a groom or something, I’m giving the signals right now<br />i’ll be back, I’ll watch for 1 week, but if you become a man, I’ll be back, convince me<br />blah. The typhoon stopped crying. Come on, the groom said go get two beers,<br />he gave me the car key. When the typhoon left the house, it directly hit me<br />she started fucking my uncle pussy


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