The next day, when my wife left the house to go to driving school, Selin immediately said, “Come on, Dad, let’s go too!" said. We were wearing shorts and a T-shirt. When I took the wallet and the car key, I took a spare pair of shorts with me (saying just in case). When I got to the car market, I adjusted the seat and steering wheel again and took Sundays in my arms. I joined my knees so that Selin swung one of her legs to the right and the other to the left. After moving, I was opening and closing my knees, comfortably Decking the flood between my legs. Every time I moved back and forth, I was whitewashing Flood’s ass in ‘Shorts’. I was unconsciously putting my hand on her leg and stroking it, saying, “Well done, girl, you’re doing well!" I was putting kisses on his neck and earlobe. Selin was also aware of the hardness underneath and was pressing her ass against my dick, occasionally playing with me by moving her ass left and right with light movements. Decapitation. After going on like this for a while, I couldn’t take it anymore and I ejaculated again. Seline said, “I’m sweating a lot, girl, I need to go to the toilet!" I went to the toilet in the Sunday market and changed my shorts. Seline said, “That’s enough for today, girl, we’ll continue tomorrow!I said. Selinin said“ "But Dad, it was so fun!" we Decamped home amid their whining. He came, sat on my knee, hugged my neck, complained about our little work. "Okay, I promise, we’ll work harder tomorrow!" I made your heart say so.


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