Because he knew I came to him a lot. He knew he could never sleep with me. But he did not want to consider and transgress. A few days later, he started working for me in another office. I went to the office and started working. We started working with 2 girls inside. There were no men, and that bothered me. Because I loved playing with men all the time. It’s been a boring few days like this. Then 2 men entered the room and greeted us. I know I didn’t. It turns out that these are the team working outside. By the way, I’m a female cop. Dec. Those who came were civilian policemen attached to us. Anyway, neither of them were bad. One is a brunette overweight, the other is a blonde, someone with colored eyes and medium weight. The overweight one immediately said hello, got under the influence and started chatting with me. But the other was not interested in me at all. I was getting mad at him, too. I brought her some tea.


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