I’m waiting for a city bus to go somewhere because of my work.<br />We waited for the bus for about half an hour at the stop, but they were all disgusted<br />we couldn’t get on because it was happening. and at the very end there is a little space<br />the bus came and sikisa sikisa i was able to get on the bus I thought I would go a little further<br />and I made a move to go to the back, and when I got to the middle of the bus<br />i said it’s good here and Decamped, I was looking around, meanwhile, I’m with me<br />the lady next to me caught my attention and I decided not to leave there, ma’am<br />she was very smart and attractive, with a gray skirt close to the mini and a body on top<br />she was almost attracted to the men around her, and by the way, something Decently<br />i noticed that there was a man next to her and they were very close to each other<br />were they standing nearby, did I suspect ? after a couple of stops, the bus is almost<br />the teakettle is full, so I took advantage of the opportunity to get close to the lady thoroughly<br />both to be closer to miss a and who is the man next to her<br />i wanted to learn, and I got stuck into them thoroughly, I didn’t go anywhere else<br />i had no chance the bus was full, Decked out to talk to a male lady sometime<br />from the conversations that began, the lady’s name was Bora, the name of the beloved man<br />and on top of that, I found out that they are husband and wife, and the lady told her husband Dec<br />why don’t you see we got on the bus in serzenis like a lot of people<br />there was a husband, let my wife say that the Buddha is a change<br />he was late. it really impressed me that her husband said that, so I wonder<br />i said to myself, or I thought he wasn’t kissing his wife<br />… i don’t know what happened at one point, the lady and her husband and I Decamped<br />he was in front of me, a man in front of his wife in front of me, so we both loved<br />he was in between and when the bus braked, I was inadvertently rubbing against the woman<br />and I liked this very much, it was a plump lady full of flesh<br />in the way that adorns my dreams, when I say this one or two, the bus is a big, big bus<br />i was rubbing the lady from behind by taking advantage of the Deceleration and at one point I was back<br />will you pay attention to me by turning around, sir, I’m uncomfortable, say ce<br />i blushed with embarrassment, but the lady had a look when she looked at me, believe me<br />at that moment, I was scared that he would slap me, and when the lady turned in front of him,<br />don’t you see, I’m uncomfortable, let’s go down, her husband said, wait<br />anyway, we’re almost going to get off soon, he said, what am I going to lie about, I’m sorry<br />but what was I dreaming about when I was rubbing Decently anyway sometime<br />we met eye to eye with her husband, she looked embarrassed and embarrassed, as if she approves<br />the way he blinked at me, the woman snapped at me and his wife is nothing<br />i’m not going to lie about what he didn’t say, he made me very enthusiastic, and Dec<br />i saw that the husband is officially touching his wife inside the bus, and I<br />taking courage, I was thoroughly stung behind the woman with the tip of my eye<br />when he looked at me again, his eye lash turned me into his skin thoroughly immediately<br />i started rubbing against the woman, and from the front, I officially toasted the woman from the sidelines<br />we were doing it, and my little one was no longer in my pants, and<br />when I rubbed the lady, the lady could also feel the presence of my dick<br />i saw that the woman’s husband has advanced the work, officially his hand is on his wife’s skirt<br />she’s trying to finger her cunt on top of me, and I’m pushing her hard from behind<br />i started when the woman turned back slightly and blinked at me<br />he turned me thoroughly into his skin and I began to caress his ass with my hand a<br />i was holding the hold thing on the buses with my hand and suddenly I let go<br />i touched the woman’s breasts as if it happened involuntarily, she had great breasts<br />it was very exciting for that moment, the woman once threw her hand behind her back Decently<br />he started playing with my dick over my pants and I was thoroughly crazy<br />i’ve been helping him open my zipper and I’ve lost my acdi dick weight<br />he started to play with my dick as he grasped it, I’m already<br />i was very horny because of my frictions and I could almost get divorced<br />i looked at her husband, he was looking at me, laughing, and he liked what was happening<br />he was going to love after we played a lot with my dick, I’m emptying in his ear<br />when he said to be careful, he immediately pulled his hand out because we were on the bus, and I had<br />i closed my zipper with a sudden movement, but her husband was still going on<br />i think that the fact that I was loved and approached from behind greatly influenced her husband<br />and he liked it isartei, who indicated that they would get off at the next stop<br />they pressed the stop button of the bus and her husband was heading to the door<br />he held a piece of paper in my hand so that we could Decipher at an available time, and I<br />i Junked this offer with great pleasure and fucked my dick on the bus<br />the lover I put my dick in your hand, maybe in the face of this invitation<br />i could fuck


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