it had been 5 months since I married my wife. my wishes about sexuality yet<br />I couldn’t show courage and talk about it. except for simple positions<br />we’ve never had a relationship. and before I got married, I used to watch porn movies all the time.<br />especially movies with women wearing suspenders and pantyhose<br />i would watch. my wife went to bed early that day. i have some work to do with my computer<br />there was. when I finished, I thought about watching porn. i put my headphones on<br />i started looking. i found one with a secretary. white shirt, black tight<br />skirt, black thin socks, glasses and those thin heels. many<br />i was excited. the secretary kneels in front of the boss and sucks his dick in her mouth<br />he was sucking, then lying down on the table and licking. worked in<br />i was playing with mine. suddenly I felt my headphones come off. i’m back<br />and my wife and I saw eye to eye. are these women more to me than me<br />beyen asked if you are. that I love him not women, but fantasies<br />i felt bad until I explained. then play a little and we’ll have some<br />he said let’s find out. I was surprised but overjoyed.<br />after watching for a while, he said I’m coming now and left me for 5 minutes<br />and then when she arrives, it’s almost the same outfit as the secretary in the movie<br />it was on. he told me to transfer the movie to TV and start over. mine<br />I transferred it to a 103-screen TV.<br />we started doing the scenes in the movie one by one. of course he was a novice. knee to the ground<br />he collapsed, pulled down my shorts. he looked at the TV for 3-5 seconds and took it in his mouth. in fact, the first<br />he was very good for his expedition. he was slowly taking more and more into his mouth.<br />after a minute or two like that, he said it was your turn and went to the empty side of the table<br />she sat down and pulled her skirt up. of course she didn’t have a garter(though<br />i would have known) she was wearing black thin pantyhose. but there was nothing in it.<br />i started licking over the sock. it was warm. on the one hand, your shirt<br />i unbuttoned them. i was grabbing her tits, licking her pussy like crazy.<br />something was happening that hadn’t happened in our previous lovemaking. he moans hoarsely,<br />he was biting his lips occasionally. Dec. I liked that very much. no more<br />I couldn’t stand. from the place where the sock comes right on the pussy, a small one with my tooth<br />i made a hole and widened it enough for my cock to enter. i straightened up, he got up<br />i started rubbing my dick in her pussy, which happened. he was saying let’s get love inside me.<br />i said we won’t talk anymore. what is the reason that the movie is in English<br />he couldn’t find out what he was going to say from there. I helped. into my eyes<br />looking at my pussy, he said, I love your dick with the root. the energy I felt at that moment<br />I can’t tell you. i slowly held on and started pushing. he was writhing under me.<br />I had her legs on my shoulder. my hands were on the sock and it’s slippery<br />the feeling was making me gasp even more. i hugged your legs and fast fast<br />i started hitting. the needles accelerated, contractions began.<br />I laid her on her side on the table without spreading her legs apart. rotund<br />her hips were in front of me. come on, my love, don’t keep me waiting, he was saying sting me again.<br />I didn’t keep him waiting and I stuck it to the root. he made a sound called ahh. I last<br />i was hitting with my strength. she was biting her finger now so as not to scream.<br />when I was about to explode, I took it off and ejaculated on her buttocks, on the sock.<br />we were panting. we rested quietly for a while. then tell me about another<br />he said what fantasies do you have


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