That was 4 years ago. Not wearing underwear when going out with my girlfriend<br />I wanted to. I’m at the bar all night and in the taxi on the way home<br />it was between his legs. Dec. When we make love at the end of the night, it’s time for the main surprise<br />it had come: Vibrator! The apocalypse has come. He flatly refused. for 2 years<br />i’m dating and I still love her very much. I have other obsessions, too. Him<br />I couldn’t resist the urge to watch her make love to other men. Many<br />she was a beautiful woman. I believe that sex and love are different feelings.<br />It turned me on when men looked at her with desire. From me while making love<br />I wanted him to tell me first who he was with and how. Alcoholic<br />when it happens, he is extremely provoked by this and with slang words<br />he was talking about it. Let the alcohol wash away the pent-up feelings inside her<br />I think he put it on his face. I think these thoughts are not normal.<br />In fact, I’m sure that most people have such feelings. All the men<br />he likes to be liked by the woman next to him, but like me, a mini skirt,<br />encourage her lover to wear clothes such as g-string, see-through, and then<br />the lover who enjoys watching men fall into her is hard<br />i think it will be found. The interesting thing is that I have been feeding these feelings for 5 years.<br />I’ve been taking pictures of us making love lately. This is like me<br />it makes us feel like there are others with us and it is extremely arousing<br />it makes me be. My ex-lover, who was against it before, then<br />he was doing pornographic poses in front of the machine. From hurting him<br />I’m scared, but I have to realize these thoughts.


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