a month before this story I sat alone at home and tv.de on satellite channels<br />i was watching a movie on a porn channel.then the door knocked.nobody<br />tv for not waiting.i opened the door without closing it.our neighbor’s daughter came<br />sprout sprout is a very sexy widow and 25 years old blonde<br />she’s the Chick.we ran out of sugar and he said if you have some, can I have some.this<br />sometimes when I’ve been Decapitating sprouts for a long time, I always fuck with him<br />I used to dream of.but he seemed to have an eye on me, too.every story<br />we showed it when we met.i said come on in.room<br />when he entered, he froze first.what the hell is that, he said.at that time, the man’s wife<br />he was fucking someone in the ass. when he saw the sprout cock, he let himself go. Tuesday.your eye<br />TVs.he was not separating from.I took the glass in his hand and threw it away.then slowly<br />I started stroking her buttocks.he wasn’t reacting at all.he’s obviously a dick<br />wants.I went a little further and put my hands inside her bra.thoroughly<br />he loosened up and fought back. the story is that he put his hand in my tracksuit and<br />he grabbed my cock.he paused for a moment and looked at my cock.what is this your cock<br />he said it was too big. 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