He couldn’t stand seeing his mature mother in the bedroom like that.


i really missed the man’s kiss in return<br />i started to give, he was caressing me with his hands, someone was untying my bikini string<br />we weren’t at all worried that he would see, and I took off my bikini early and my breasts<br />i was moaning from pleasure and he started licking my belly and from there my crotch and<br />it was great that he started licking my pussy, it was salty, but he still licked it, come on<br />pelin said she put my skirt and T-shirt on and got into her car and got into her own<br />we went to his house and he just robbed me at the door, threw my clothes in the machine and<br />we started making love on the balcony erkan was a man who would put out my fire<br />when I took off her swimsuit and I saw this gorgeous thing, I said oh, my wife’s<br />it wasn’t that long and I put it in my mouth and started licking it half as hard<br />he was entering my mouth early, he couldn’t stand it much and immediately sat me on his lap<br />and that gorgeous dick was breaking into my pussy, I hadn’t eaten in a long time, honey<br />the room was on fire, I was enjoying it, my moans were increasing as I looked at my pussy<br />he was fucking me great and we both couldn’t stand it moaning inside<br />the temperature of the ejaculated sperm was great inside my pussy because I was protected<br />there was no fear of getting pregnant and I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up nicely and<br />we started making love under the water he was washing and licking all over me ski<br />he was straight again and I started licking him in the bathroom against the wall and<br />she wrapped her legs around her waist and got into my pussy, biting my breasts, my lips<br />she was sucking, we made love until 4 in the morning, erkan said you’re great, one more bath<br />we did, and after a cold drink, I put on my clothes and went to the hotel<br />he left me, my clothes were wrinkled, I came to the hotel from the reception<br />after asking for my key, he said would you like something for your room clock<br />it was 6 in the morning and I was hungry and I wanted breakfast in my room