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hello, I am Alper, my wife Aylin, we are writing to you from Istanbul.It so<br />we thought about it and decided to take permission from our friends and share it with you<br />we have given.<br /><br />My wife and I chose Antalya for our holiday.15 days to Antalya for a holiday<br />we arrived.we checked into the hotel where we stayed.As we have already agreed<br />my wife and I are very curious and we will do it if we get the opportunity<br />we wanted to try group sex here.In the first ten days of our vacation, such a<br />there was no opportunity.11 days we decided to go to a bar that night my wife minisini<br />and she put on her blouse.When we went to the bar, it was quite crowded, people were crazy<br />he was having fun, no one even cared about anyone<br />my wife is a charming sexy lady with auburn hazel eyes about 1 60 years old.Me too huh<br />I’m also handsome.After hanging out for a while, we stayed in the same hotel<br />we met the couple and decided to hang out together at the end of the fun<br />at the bar at night and on the way back to the hotel, our conversation got pretty dark.<br /><br />Looking for fun, taking your wife to the bar for a change or something<br />we were telling you that my wife was confused about the fun<br />and that the change will not be so, to have fun without the limit of pleasure is obvious<br />he was saying whatever he wanted.We arrived at the hotel.Something when we go to bed<br />they invited us to their rooms for a drink and we went.Treat us to whiskey<br />they made aylin look at me while they were sipping their whiskey and Decked me out<br />he wanted to call her outside and talk to her.