the air was with towels.i approached him…I said look, no one hears me, it pleases<br />i said meat.look at the face, Hasan said that what you did was very bagirmadigi<br />he said pray.he said, please go now.i couldn’t resist still piling my dick<br />it was like..i said what will happen if you forgive me, I said you took me home, you’re the culprit<br />I said.I approached him and embraced him.he was screaming…I said don’t scream<br />i put it on your lips..he was breathing like crazy.the towel<br />I threw it..I started shaking their glasses with my hands..he was saying don’t do it..already<br />i got undressed right away..<br /><br />i’m starting to open your pussy.i was licking like crazy.her pussy lips<br />i was sucking up.I was stuck smoking cigarettes.i was just emptying with all my strength<br />i got fucked.i was empty the room had let itself dick<br />tutttu started was 69 a night.until you choke on my dick<br />i was stinging.sonta was unforgettable..i started fucking her.scream<br />he was beating…I grabbed his glasses with both hands and cum on his pussy…<br /><br />we had sex for 2 hours…then we went to the living room..for the last time, I said…yourself<br />he didn’t leave it to me anymore..we smoked a cigarette each..i sat him on the couch<br />I took it on my lap and started hopping..muthis were crazy<br />sevisiyordukk..squeezing your body, I cum on your pussy again…back on the couch<br />i was drunk.i started licking your ass..we were like crazy…my middle finger<br />gotune stung…<br /><br />my dick was like a stake..i started to force it behind him….hardly<br />i entered… I got completely empty..we were tired<br />we both…then we got dressed…I left your house with the understanding..right now<br />they’re on vacation.i can’t stand them coming and I’ll hang again, it seems


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