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Hi, I’m Gürol, the most cordial we constantly vacationed together last summer<br />together with our friends, 3 families are about to take an economical holiday in Kas<br />we have arranged an apartment hotel.<br /><br />Me and a boyfriend and our female friend have been in the same company for 6 years<br />we worked closely together. Our wives are in different places from each other<br />he was working. Since we are the same age and our conversation has been going on for 6 years<br />we were constantly seeing each other and having fun together. Fulya’s wife Yilmaz, a<br />he owned an import-export company and constantly took it abroad. Last<br />for two years, one of our spouses Yilmaz cheated on Fulya and Fulya<br />we could hear that he was very uncomfortable with that.<br /><br />We help the other two mend their relationship as a family<br />he tries to be so that he can travel together on every occasion and have fun, Yilmaz<br />we were trying to bring it into the family environment. Fulya is a young but ordinary beauty<br />it was a woman who was. It’s always good for yourself to keep Yilmaz<br />he would look and tremble over his wife. On this holiday, us and the other couple<br />our friends need to overcome the problems between them and their Decoupling<br />to strengthen them, they also make some sacrifices and vacation together again<br />we decided to do.