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Izmir was a really beautiful city, especially the men were very flirtatious, I traveled all over<br />and I came to the hotel, it was very hot, and I immediately threw myself into the hotel and put on my bikini<br />i came to the edge of the pool and let myself into the waters for the first time on a single trip<br />i was having the pleasure of having it at night, it was comfortable on me for dinner<br />i was wearing a combed skirt and a T-shirt on top of me by the pool<br />i sat down at the table and started eating, music was playing, everyone was having fun<br />when I saw the couples, I felt empty again when they were dancing around<br />i lit myself a cigarette and started smoking today while I was dreaming<br />the manager and employees of the company I visited came to me<br />the manager who saw Ekrem bey, you are alone, pelin hanım, said the nose to our table<br />we said let’s have a night with friends tonight, he said join us and<br />i went to where they were and we started a cheerful conversation, Ekrem<br />bey was 55 years old with his wife and he had a daughter and a son with his son<br />he was a very handsome man at the age of 25, his name was Erkan, and he asked me to dance<br />he picked up and we started dancing today, he said you’re leaving right now, or you’re<br />he said i would like to walk around Izmir every tomorrow, he said I will go to Mugla tomorrow<br />time said let me take a walk tonight Ekrem bey was dancing with his wife his son<br />he heard what they said, said wormwood, said you’re going tomorrow, and he said early<br />we got into his car and started driving around, he was very talkative and talkative early<br />it was one of the Bornova cordons from there