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Fulya translate me every position that comes to your mind in minutes<br />he tried, for a moment we were extremely accelerated and animalized, back to back<br />the orgasms that came also made me happy and horny. After hours<br />when he ejaculated me for the second and third time, I realized that my wife had such abilities<br />I realized you weren’t.<br /><br />When we come to our senses at 4 o’clock in the morning, it’s like new lovers<br />we were kissing and sniffing. Yilmaz came back the next day at noon and the same<br />their recklessness continued until the holiday was over. With Fulya these days<br />make excuses to my wife to have a fling and go to the bazaar together<br />we were going out and making love in a hotel room in a hurry, or the toilet on the beach, etc.<br />we ran away with excuses and made love in a secluded place in the forest.<br /><br />Back from vacation, I now had a wife and a lover. Yılmaz’s wife<br />we knew that he was aware of these changes on him, but this<br />He was coming to Yılmaz’s job. Fulya was not bothered by this either. With my wife<br />the fact that he is a really good friend does not bother Fulya, on the contrary, my wife<br />he thought it helped