Then the night was past 12, the fun was just beginning, and he said me a nice<br />he brought it to the holiday place when we came in, everyone was remembering him and friends<br />they were all around there, having fun, and we started dancing together<br />sweat combed t-shirt stuck to my body while dancing early to me thoroughly<br />the approaching kokosu was driving me crazy when I felt his breath on my neck<br />i was shaking, come on, everyone, they said to the sea, and they started running, erkan, my hand<br />he held me tight and made me run as he hugged me in the water with us on top<br />we went in, I was really relieved, but my dress was soaked and<br />all my body lines were exposed, we swam in the water, we made jokes and<br />everyone started to disperse, we were alone early in this halle hotel<br />i said how am I going to go, erkana laughed at the room, my top was in the sand<br />on the beach, but it was a beautiful night, the sea is shining, I said let’s swim and<br />i took off my T-shirt and ran my skirt into the sea early in the water behind me<br />we started making jokes to each other, it was so nice to catch my arm early and<br />he was pushing it off my head, dipping it in the water, taking it off, I was holding on to it when I left<br />our bodies were touching each other early, suddenly it got serious a lot<br />he said you’re beautiful, pelin, and he put a kiss on my lip, and we started swimming<br />we went to the beach and lay down on the sand, I noticed the puffiness of early’s swimsuit<br />the front was huge, he held my hand early and said wasn’t it a nice night, inside<br />i said yes, pulling, he started stroking my hands, I couldn’t pull my hands and<br />he climbed up and started stroking my hair and turned on his side and pulled me off my head<br />he started kissing my lips.


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