i’m ertac from Adana .178 tall , today ten.magic in an athletic body<br />I’m a man to be considered handsome.<br /><br />After I started writing on this site, emails started coming in.<br /><br />One of these came from a couple.Themselves 3. a group of friends<br />they were calling and they cared about privacy, they gave me their phone number<br />they left and I called them .i didn’t believe the email was true, but<br />i called again, but the phone is correct and those in front of me are serious<br />when I saw it, I asked for an address to meet .<br /><br />they called them atatürk park.i agreed and the ataturk park<br />we were supposed to meet at the entrance to the pool.<br /><br />I was sitting in one of the seats next to the pool in Atatürk park and waiting<br />suddenly a couple passed by me, they were sitting on one of the benches ahead and<br />the phone was in their hands, I realized that they were calling me, and next to them<br />I went<br /><br />Hi, I’m ertac. saying I met. sovereign and icon (of course, the names are real<br />not) I sat next to them .we have started muabbet<br /><br />-Is what you wrote true ?<br /><br />-Yes, most of it is true, after all, this is my life .you well this<br />in the event you cidlim?<br /><br />-they looked at each other and said yes .let’s not even stop here, let’s go to us.<br /><br />-just say yes .we took the minibuses across the street.homes<br />they were both nervous when we arrived.<br /><br />-Look, ertac, this is the first time we will try this event if we don’t want to do it again<br />will you understand us,that’s what we’re asking of you..<br /><br />-what do you think of me, of course, why should we take it if we don’t want to.I<br />i said I’m not a pervert and offf I said you don’t have anything to drink.<br /><br />-what do you drink<br /><br />-i said if we’re still here, if we’re in the hotel room, let’s have tea. drinking tea<br />when I started to clarify the question, a question came<br /><br />-messages are coming from you, so there are a lot of calls for you?<br /><br />-yes, I’ll write back to all of them, no matter what.Calling event<br />i fought it off because my eye was on the icon, the room would have noticed it<br />.they took the sovereign’s hand and came to me.<br /><br />Egemen simge and I were on the same seat. the icon is my ear<br />he started kissing behind her and the sovereign was opening the icon’s shirt.<br /><br />The icon is 170 tall, white-skinned, big-breasted, blonde-haired bombshell like a<br />woman.the age of the icon is 29 and that of the sovereign is 35, so the sex-thirsty wife is two<br />husband…


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