We drank our coffee and he said to me, come and let me show you a card game, it’s very nice<br />you can play a game with al seda from this game, I said it’s a super thing<br />we start from € 1, the loser pays, the winner takes the money, he said I accept<br />etym<br /><br />he showed me how to play, and I immediately understood, we started the game, I<br />i was winning and he was giving me money and then I told him i was money<br />i don’t want every time I win I’ll kiss you I said acceptance room " hmmmmmm<br />do you think it would be” " he said, so of course I said why not, and he agreed<br />i won the game and I got a kiss and then the game is over now, but I love you<br />i said i was going to kiss, I started kissing on the lip<br /><br />we were kissing so well that he said to me, " stop, please, you’re my friend’s<br />you’re her husband, I can’t do this to her, if she hears, she won’t talk to me again. "<br />where will he hear, please, there’s you and me, look, I said the kids are asleep and<br />i was kissing her legs and I was still kissing her lips and then I put my hand under her<br />i slowly started my oxam, he had a very thin weight, so thin<br />everything seemed to me, he said<br /><br />" if a child gets up in the bedroom or something, he said not to see us like this, bve<br />we went to the bedroom . ”<br /><br />i undressed her nicely and started licking her kissing her whole body<br />i was sniffing her legs apart i took my head towards amina and with my tongue<br />i was licking it thoroughly, she was moaning with pleasure and pressing it with her fingers<br />then I said, come lick mine, he was licking so well that it was like the inside of his mouth<br />it was burning like a volcano<br /><br />it was not possible not to get divorced, but I said to myself, bring your pussy to lick<br />i said go on, he was licking mine and I was licking his with my finger<br />i was sucking his ass hole, he told me no, don’t do it, I said okay<br />honey, I said lick you, he was licking more<br /><br />” her breasts were very small, but her legs and hips were amazing, and my dick<br />i stuck my tiny pussy in and started fucking, her waters were flowing and from pleasure<br />he was moaning, we were kissing again, hot and hot, the bed was squeaking like that<br />it looked like it was going to break, but I said to myself, Hakan, keep going …


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