He fucked his sister, who played sports, without pity.


Great sex night from my peasant wife.<br />the incident that happened to me was 2 years ago. I am the seer<br />i was married, and I didn’t love my wife, I couldn’t love her, because, as I said, the seer<br />it was proper. my type is my style, my character is my wife’s type of character<br />didn’t fit. OK what to say bey, do you, Mr. Bey immediately and development I order take<br />bey, I don’t know what… .<br /><br />these words made me very angry. my wife, come on, have some fun at home<br />I was insisting on staying closed. because I didn’t like it at the same time<br />i was hurting next door, she was overwhelmed in the house every day, she was cooking,<br />she was cleaning, and I told my wife, you’re not a maid in this house<br />so.<br /><br />my wife looked at my face, what are you saying, sir? said. i didn’t say anything either, okay<br />i said, I left the house. when I got home in the evening, I told my wife to get divorced. karim<br />she started crying. you see me cokmu, I don’t know what… .<br /><br />I put her head on my chest so that she wouldn’t cry. i oxidized your hair.<br />and then my drink suddenly started to get hot. what a beautiful feeling, mis<br />i figured it out later. anyway, I didn’t give much face to my wife, she’s getting divorced<br />because I was determined.<br /><br />when I went to bed at night, my wife was wearing a thin nightgown in front of me. a nylon<br />it was a transparent nightgown. her nipples were visible and she was not wearing any weight<br />the killer was obvious. i think he was trying to turn me on and not get divorced<br />he was doing everything he could for me.<br /><br />he turned off the light, went to bed. then he said to fuck me from under the duvet, eli, karim<br />he started fidgeting and moaning. then my dick is as hard as iron too<br />I would say it happened. karim kulagima said exactly that:<br /><br />“my life is pulling you tonight, is your life pulling me too?”<br />quoth… .<br /><br />then I smiled at my wife, faintly, because she wanted to fuck me, too.<br />My peasant wife, my ignorant wife, I don’t know what the master knows :))