He fucked his stepsister hard when she appeared at home.


hello friends, I am a young man living in Izmir. While describing my moment<br />unnecessary literature by stepping out of the boundaries of eroticism or pornography<br />there will be places I do. If you are an action enthusiast, write directly<br />after half of it, he addresses you. But I think read it from beginning to end<br />because it’s better for you to get to know me a little and read my other memoirs<br />it will allow you to comment. Enjoy the show.<br />Alsancak was just a sightseeing place for me in the early days. First<br />as with the x cafe where a girlfriend took me to sit<br />I started spending time in Alsancak. X cafe 2. Or 3. When I go away<br />we met a friend named Özgür who works there. Playing foreign music<br />it was a two-room restaurant and didn’t have many customers. 4. When I left, I was the first again<br />we went there once with Ayten, who took us there. The cafe was ”l" shaped<br />and dom was narrowly missing out on the Decider. This December’s free<br />he could only be seen going in and out to serve customers.<br />That day, we started to get closer to Ayten.<br />When my cigarette goes to the door of the cafe to get some air<br />until. High school on one of the made-up stools at the cafe door<br />i’ve seen her in uniform to this day (I still haven’t seen a prettier one)<br />short red hair , blunt(sharp) facial features, slightly slanting but deep<br />a girl of 45-50 kilograms with brown eyes, a uniform nose of 1.60<br />he was sitting waiting for someone. he was sitting somehow. Out<br />as soon as we got out, we were eye to eye, and I was locked in there. 5 – 6 seconds<br />then I come to myself and go up the stairs and in the middle of the street for a while<br />i lingered, but my eyes were constantly cutting the girl.<br />Her legs with uniform smoothness and a boyfriend take her by the neck<br />I’m sure he was aware of my eyes constantly fixed on the tie he was wearing.<br />I couldn’t stand it, so I went in. After a while, her daughter came from that tiny December<br />as I entered the employee section, I nudged Ayten and said who is this girl. Ayten<br />annoyed, he said, ”ozgur’s girlfriend," and the boiling waters<br />in an instant, it poured down my head. one hand on the slender waist of the free girl<br />he threw a Decapitated way and said“ "We’re going out, will you come?"<br />she asked. . He got an erection while making an effort to look reluctant<br />I was trying to hide the little one. when free insists a little more, the answer is<br />I had already started packing before giving it away.<br />We went to another cafe. They sat down and ordered a cherry soda and<br />they laughed at each other. I was crazy, I wanted that girl, but<br />I knew it would be. That day we left there and went to Ayten and my house(<br />I know a separate story, you want action, but you’re waiting for more. )<br />I was starting to spend a lot of time with ozgur and his friends.<br />During this time, the high school probe that the girl is of Austrian descent<br />when he finished high school, he went back to Austria-Vienna with Özgür<br />I found out they were coming back. After a week or two with the girl (natalie) thoroughly<br />we were intimate. I have novice times when I can’t show my feelings<br />we were just talking to. I wasn’t giving a spin at all. Without her noticing<br />he pats her hand as they shake hands. With the fear of being caught free while walking<br />i was smelling her hair and slowly falling in love.<br />One of the next days, the girl got tired of waiting for özgür at the cafe and<br />I was alone too, he said let’s go out for a while. Before I can control my excitement, yes<br />I said, and he was surprised. On a street called church street in Alsancak<br />we were sitting talking about his relationship with her. Whether you want a conversation or not<br />the donkey began to slip into his conversation and realized that the tiny free is too thick<br />and I found out that he suffered during intercourse. Their relationship is mediocre and<br />he had become unhappy. He looked at my face. He looked a little more and my lips<br />it was thumped. I was surprised and alarmed.<br />But since I am a person who draws pictures, it’s about artistry and anatomy<br />I had a respected background. Raising shit in his tannery<br />i slowed down the speed of the composite kissing. To feel my lips<br />i’m old enough to provide no more making out, but a wishful love<br />we were alive. While my hands are moving around the sensitive areas of her neck, the other<br />I sat on my lap with my hand grasping her thin waist. Strength and protection<br />i wanted him to feel it.<br />We were kissing like crazy in the middle of the street and we were surrounded by a stone<br />we built a wall. We didn’t care about anyone. She had to wait a bit.<br />We were in Alsancak and Özgür had dozens of friends. Gently my lips<br />i took it from his lips. When our glued lips are parted, he<br />he was still standing with his eyes closed. Nobody else in her life<br />i had a kiss that he couldn’t live with, and that gave me +points<br />I gained.<br />It’s a ball now . it was my turn. On the same day, the idea of staying in the freemen was discarded, and<br />I had already set up the script. Natalie has a girlfriend from school and her<br />her boyfriend, me and free , we decided to stay in the free. Evka<br />they lived in a few houses and the road was long. This path was painful. Natalie<br />their reluctantly free kisses and apologetic looks at me<br />I was watching it. I was inexperienced and in pain.<br />When we got home, we started to prepare our standard student meal pasta<br />we started. natalie with her friends while preparing food in the free kitchen<br />he was talking. His friend looked at me and smiled. Natalie came to me now<br />everyone except özgür was saying bilio and özgür would be knitting tonight. Fear<br />and the feelings of stupid lovers were at war inside me.<br />It was night and everyone went to bed. sounds of discussion from özgür’s room<br />i was waiting, but the sounds of making love came later in the night<br />I could understand. Natalie, I started to fall asleep at night, crying for a while<br />he came to me and, stripping off my pike, lay down next to me. I hugged him tight<br />and I said don’t cry. I knew his medicine. Gently bend the neck behind the ear<br />I kissed the point that connected with it and began to descend towards his neck. Face<br />he turned to me and said, I love you. One night of love for each other<br />we were screaming.<br />I turned her to myself and offered her my lips, which she desired. Knitted again<br />we were kissing between the walls, but I didn’t have any money left, and I Decked out<br />I took it. Her erect breasts were greeting me. I took off her bra gently<br />and I started stroking her breasts, slowly one after the other, by the way Decently<br />i was kissing the other one. More and more, the love motive is replaced by animality<br />he was quitting. My tongue was moving faster and faster around her breasts and<br />i was squeezing her breasts between my palms. Dec.<br />While licking one, I was stimulating the tip of the other with my wet finger. By the way<br />pulling my hand from her breast, which I lick, spread her legs around the sacred hole<br />i was stroking his crotch. Even though I haven’t touched the holier hole of hell<br />I could feel the warmth on my fingers. on which I run my hand<br />I was pulling up the skirt of her nightgown and pulling it off. So ucmustuki<br />he had forgotten to please me.<br />As if to tell you that this worship is not gratuitous, your hips<br />i placed his stingy hand on the attitude and the little one. Deep breaths<br />I think I heard a little laughter from among them, or so it seemed to me. Dec.<br />I said enough of this Decency to the breasts, between me and your breasts<br />it is unclear what the belly muscles are formed by November . follow the line<br />i started by kissing. Since his hand can no longer reach the little one, my shoulders<br />he was scratching and stroking my head.<br />I was taking care that only my lips touched her, that my lips<br />so he can focus on the places he says. When I come to your belly button, my hand is on the bed<br />he was looking for the water glass I put on the edge. He found it. I lifted my lips<br />and the water I take in my palm again slowly (of course, he should feel it) belly<br />in the hole and under it . I started dripping correctly. Trembling breath<br />he let out all his breath as if he wanted to scream until there was no more, and<br />he contracted so much that the hand he held with one hand, his hand while I was shaking his hand<br />because of the sweat, he slipped and twisted my finger.<br />I was satisfied by thinking that I knew this job, and this was my orgasm.<br />When he came to, he was gasping and looking at me and saying how could you.<br />I’ll stand up and give her a kiss and relax, I’ll continue tonight, sani<br />i thought I was going to take it to the top of the world. Give her a blowjob<br />while he was thinking, he grabbed one of his feet and broke his knee in my face<br />i held on. i took off his sock, kissed his heel, it was soft. He’s right again<br />I dated. (the beautiful girl gets a beautiful foot). In the sock on the other foot<br />cikarark I put it to my chest.<br />I took off her white cotton slip panties. Her two feet and her panties were on my nose.<br />I took a deep breath, lifted both feet and took them out. Her Feet<br />i was licking it. I was licking her wrists between her fingers and she was Decently<br />i was licking the smooth upper part of her feet and on one side the only<br />i was playing with the g-spot with my hand. His groans had quickened again. Her Feet<br />I kissed him one last time and let him go. I needed attention now. Me.<br />he pulled it under and slowly started licking my face all over the ear<br />when it comes to my breasts, your little one breaks down his dufars for a moment and the world<br />I felt that it could explode with a force that could destroy.<br />I understood him better now. he was a quick learner and bad at his practice<br />it wasn’t. When he comes to my throat, my head is hard with his hand to the right (or not at all to the left<br />i don’t remember) he turned it over and from behind my ear to my shoulder blade<br />he licked it slowly. He wanted me to feel and he was torturing me. O<br />her tiny body dominated me. Pressing my face with his hand<br />he started licking my breasts. He was teetering slightly. i was dying, my last breath<br />i think I was giving, and feeling it, he stopped and began to descend into my belly<br />(he made a mistake, he should have continued :)<br />I don’t think the hair on my body bothered him. Licking my belly<br />after he finished, he put his little hand over my boxer with his little hand<br />he tried to grasp it, but only pulled out his hand, which was two fingers low, and the boxer<br />he was able to do that when he stripped. I was on fire. He gently kissed her head and greeted her.<br />Licking with his tongue from the ligament right under his head, he suddenly<br />he took it for a little and drew a circle with his tongue. He can get it quickly for little<br />he picked it up and took it out slowly. I was unfair to him<br />I haven’t touched it.<br />I straightened up and put the attitude from the waist and legs next to me. Fit again<br />I held it up and lifted it, and we entered the 69 position. As they lick me<br />i was raving. I licked the holy hole from beginning to end in the form of a line<br />and I greeted him by saying hello, just like he did. And now it’s slow<br />he did not have anything. I was licking it from beginning to end using it on my nose. .