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i couldn’t imagine what kind of relationship I found myself in<br />I guess. I am 32 years old, I am in a position with a good degree in an institution. I’m single.<br />It all started with a new friend who came to our workplace. He was married. Hard<br />he had the look. The bosses gave me the job I needed to learn and<br />would be done.he was 38 years old.The days go by, he learns the job, he was talented<br />he had come from another province in the same company.over time, he became a good friend, a good confidant<br />we’re good friends. we met his wife. 35 years old well groomed mature hottie<br />a gorgeous woman is working one night, we are preparing for an auction.<br />The time was well advanced. We were talking and working. Here and there<br />then the subject came to women and sexual life. Why he is single and work<br />we talked about my intimacy with the women in your place and stuff. Suddenly his wife<br />he asked me how I found it. I still remember blushing at that moment. Not To Be Ashamed<br />he said it was natural or something.I was angry at that moment because his wife<br />I like dedigi, it was amazing. He said let’s drink tonight, let’s relax. To The Security Guard<br />he bought a couple of beers. Files on the table in the meeting room<br />we were talking beers. We finished the job, was it 01 or 02 o’clock<br />I don’t remember. He asked me if I masturbated. Occasionally<br />I said. He said here and now. I was staring at him in bewilderment. How<br />I said.He said in front of me now. I said no. Would you do it if I had a wife<br />he said he was with me. I said I never thought about it. Together with him a few times<br />we had misbehaved. I mean, we had fun with women and we were together. Secret<br />he knew I was.he was counting on me. He said you’re with us tomorrow for dinner<br />according to he said. My mind was on what you said.