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Of course I was going to evaluate it, but<br />I wanted to be patient and evaluate it better.Half in my bathroom<br />i have a jacuzzi. I went and filled the jacuzzi with hot water, bath foams<br />i had a nice froth, after undressing and taking my bathrobe on me, the second<br />I also took a bathrobe in my hand and went to the bedroom with him. Emel of course<br />he wasn’t sleeping, he told me as soon as I came in, that I was preparing a bath for him<br />i said that when you wash up, you’ll forget all this, your nightgown on<br />i came out slowly and that’s when I saw those beautiful breasts for the first time, nipple heads<br />an exaggerated cm. there were so many and I have never been so long to this day<br />i’ve never seen a nipple. I put the robe on her with my eyes on her nipples and<br />I took her by the hand and took her to the bathroom, she wasn’t making any noise. Your Robe<br />i took off, I took off my own, but there was a frost inside me, then<br />again, very slowly, holding the weight on both sides with two fingers<br />I crossed it out. I was doing everything in a ceremonial mood. Take her slowly to the bathtub<br />i put it in, he said the temperature of the water was too high. Water for him<br />i told him to stand in it a little, slowly get into it, but<br />still, we added a little cold water, at that moment I thought that the music was missing<br />He came. I put the memories 9 cd on the stereo and went back to the bathroom. Goal<br />he’s lying in the bathtub and he’s all over the place except for his head in the foam<br />he was lost. Again, without any haste, Emelin’s arms, shoulders,<br />i’ve been lathering your back slowly. As I soaped Emelin loosened<br />I was feeling. Even with just my soaping, their breathing becomes different<br />it had begun. I soaped the fiber again and this time the front of his body<br />first, the upper side of the chest, and then slowly rub their breasts again<br />I’ve started. When you start rubbing your breasts, Emel is perhaps a little embarrassed<br />she closed her eyes. Now his breathing had begun to change thoroughly. Me too<br />i took off my bathrobe.