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i’m madly in love with my wife, we have a life full of sex with her<br />i’ve told you about it before, the motelman, Uncle Mustafa, and Oflu, my wife<br />you have read, let me tell you the new one<br />my wife and I were officers in a city where there was no environment, my wife was constantly cleavage<br />I wanted the room to please me.a wedding in the city<br />we went to.i wanted my wife to have a cleavage again, but three narrow knees<br />she didn’t look much outside the four cm short skirt.three at a table with intellectuals<br />we were a couple at one point, I told my wife that you were going to be Decollete, the room would be<br />darling, he said that in a little while, only I will see his tattoo jacket from the point of view<br />she opened the top button, there was a silk transparent shirt inside and a bra inside<br />there were no straight nipples gushing, I swallowed in the noisy hall<br />he said in my ear, if you want, I’ll show it to others, of course, I’m excited, but<br />show the light to the wife very jealous I said soon my wife is towards him<br />he created the environment in which his collars would be seen aydın yutkundu was surprised to dance<br />when we got up, aydın was always looking out for my wife, so when we came to her<br />when aydin, who dances with his wife hatça, says shall I dance with a little Hatçe<br />of course, he said, my wife took Nura to the room, Nuray completely opened her jacket from the top<br />i could see her tits as she was, my wife’s eyes were on me, amazing pleasure<br />i was getting a few more people noticed the boobs, my wife enlightened<br />it was stinging as it stung, and Hatche, when I saw my wife sometime, Nuray, it’s good for me Decently<br />he gave it away, haa, everyone is looking at him, he said, so I’m angry, well, it’s nice<br />they look at the woman, of course, when she said that she was angry, so she said, am I not beautiful<br />men decide beauty in me, you have the looks of men<br />i said you understand the room, but do I have to open my tits so that men can look<br />he said I can open whatever people are beautiful, so I said the room is this bastard<br />look at the light, he’s officially touching your wife, or he said I don’t have food, or he said<br />i put my hand on your tits and I said we’ll get even with these hands, no room<br />she said you’re not missing the opportunity, I said yes, then she handed me next to my husband<br />he told me to get mad at him, so I snuggled up to them so that I would be side by side with my wife<br />i was touching the hatchet, I’m looking at my wife, you’re faster than light, that’s it<br />he said he didn’t go forward, what else was he going to do in the hatche that he wasn’t going to fuck<br />we laughed when I said, hatcheye, or if he fucks my wife, he’ll give it to me<br />i said, is the room just for you, or will I give it to others, I swallowed my wife<br />did you hear me, I said, he was hearing in the light, the room will come out of this light harmful<br />look, Hatche says three to one, and then she said she was looking at aydın’s dick in front of my eyes<br />he actually said that it would be very enjoyable to eat it while holding it in the palm of his hand<br />he was crazy, so I said he wouldn’t dare to be enlightened anymore, I said that the room would be enlightened by his hand<br />he took her hand and brought it on her pussy, such a fresh bride oflu girl<br />i say he won’t forgive his hole, I think he said Let’s sit Hatche, he said you were all horny<br />while we leave the calf and go to our place, my wife, let’s go out to the garden and get some air<br />he said to himself, and they went out into the garden.a quiet place in the garden at nightfall<br />there was a corner of the guard hut, it was not visible from the surroundings, geze geze there<br />as they left, my wife hugged the waist of aydın the moment they entered the sota<br />aydın nuray’s lips were closed to us, we were coming from behind with hatche<br />hatçeye aydın was quick, I said he started work immediately, the room is your wife<br />she’s a bitch, you can’t fuck well, I think she said that, and if I fuck you, you’ll understand<br />i said, I was on your lips, and I was holding your breasts with my hands Decently<br />aydın even opened my wife’s shirt and touched her breasts with his hand and gold<br />he was stirring.when we come to them with Hatche, Nuray kocacım<br />go and get some air, he said, hatche, turn to me and look at me right now.<br />find a man, I’ll give it to him next to my husband, he said, and I said, what am I<br />the room said you’re a pimp, you fucked your wife, and she said fuck me, let me see<br />i had it, but I said I was fucking my wife first, there’s no room, then she said fuck me<br />aydın said let’s go home then Hatçe yokk they will fuck your wife here<br />my husband said his best friend will be my pimp my wife doesn’t talk business<br />he was doing it, he took out his aydın’s dick, he was playing, did you come to talk<br />he said go to work, hatche said my job was to get fucked, I wonder what happened there after that<br />do you guess and send me a message, okay