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I went to my room, took off my top, and when my room door knocked, she said room service<br />and when I opened the door, the waiter was at the door, I said wait a minute, and I immediately<br />i put something on, the waiter came in at the door, it’s a very tiring night<br />apparently you passed, he said, laughing, I said yes, but I wasn’t tired<br />the waiter was a nice guy, a young boy about 18 or 19 years old, after breakfast<br />if you want, he said, go to the sauna of our hotel to relieve your fatigue<br />besides, he said that you can get a massage and relax, now everyone is sleeping calmly here<br />he said, and I went down to the sauna, wrapped it around me, went into the sun and lay down ter<br />i threw it off nicely and went to the massage room and lay down with the towel off my back<br />the masseur opened it up and started rubbing my legs nicely around my waist it was so nice<br />and I’m relaxing, his hands were so light, and when he turned me, what<br />let me see, I said you’re my masseur, you’re a waiter, actually, he said my masseur, and<br />he started rubbing my legs, started opening the towel, said don’t be ashamed and<br />he opened my breasts and began to knead my buttocks from there to my belly and<br />he put one of my feet on his chest and started rubbing my toes<br />my other foot did the same and my neck my shoulders<br />he started carving, oiled it with both hands and started rubbing my breasts from my neck<br />he was sweating in the room and had a towel wrapped around his waist in front of him<br />i was naked and turned on, a towel was sewn in the room, came to my head<br />when he reached down to my neck with both hands, the swell was in front of my eyes<br />it was really brave of him to start kissing my breasts thoroughly in September<br />and he dropped the towel from his waist and his remaining dick hit my cheeks and<br />i took the dick in my mouth and started licking it so much that it caressed me so much that the room<br />he couldn’t stand it right away and entered my pussy and came to fuck, but his explosion<br />it was really great, he didn’t know the end, he took my camel out of my pussy<br />i couldn’t believe he had emptied me twice and he was still in my pussy<br />it was filled, and I was nicely washed and cleaned, it was past 7 o’clock, and<br />i went to my room, got dressed and took the way to Muğla, I was full of sex for 7 days in every province<br />i have been in relationships with different men, I will share them all with you