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Mrb friends, I am yeliz from Izmir. this whole thing is completely on my own<br />it is past and it is real. i just found this site and wanted to share it.<br />the beginning of the incident happened 4 months ago. let me introduce myself first, if you like.<br />I am a 1.75 tall girl with black hair and green eyes. i am 18 years old and high school<br />i’m going to the end. my physique is pretty good. my hips are like stones, my breasts<br />it would blow your mind if you saw it already 😛 😀 I’m not a virgin. anyway, you understand<br />i’m a pretty sexy bi girl so and i love fucking sooooo much :PPPPPPP so far<br />i always gave it to every man I dated until : PP xD whatever we were saying. from this 4<br />a month ago, I came home from school after another boring day. my brother is 20<br />he’s Decently old, by the way. he’s going to class. i had dinner and a little nette<br />i thought I’d hang out. anyway, when I said msn face or something, 2 hours passed. 6 o’clock<br />It has happened. my brother knocked on the door and I went and opened the door. well, you know the weather<br />because it is always hot in Izmir, oo on the day I have a thin body under me too<br />there was a blue mini skirt. my legs are Decently beautiful by the way 😉 :P<br />I didn’t have a bra under me either. anyway, my brother came in. "welcome brother”<br />I said. he said“ "welcome, I’m very hungry, yelizzz, something<br />hazirliversen,” he said. me ” OK,” I said. I went into the kitchen gives<br />I prepared something and called my brother. he also came to the kitchen to eat<br />started. I was next to him and I was smoking. mom and dad<br />he was with relatives and they wouldn’t come for 4 days. so I smoke comfortably<br />i could drink xD at home anyway, then my brother finished his dinner and his friend okan<br />called. he’s a classmate. they’re coming to us with Serkan. my brother<br />he said“ "okay, come on, of course, fuck," xD anyway, I knew them both well<br />they were children. they are handsome xD 😛 anyway, it’s been half an hour since they Decamped<br />he knocked on the door, so I went, opened the door, and when they both saw me, they looked<br />of course, naturally xD who can stand that sexy body, but di miiiii xDxDxD<br />i liked this very much 😛 I said “welcome”. they are "nice bull<br />they came in saying ”duukk" xD went mental when they saw my nipples<br />the poor people probably went in anyway and sat next to my brother. mine<br />i sat down. I was watching TV, and they were talking among themselves. Dec. beneath me<br />i had a red thin thong and my skirt when I crossed my legs<br />i was stripping off and my thong was visible xD I noticed that the serka was watching me carefully<br />my brother eden said, "Serkan, no?"xD serkan was stunned, " he said. "hiiç abi,<br />I was immersed," xD said. okan was looking at me from time to Decently 😛 my brother<br />whoring next to my brother’s friends turns me on freakippppp<br />it was. i knew they both wanted to fuck me like my name now<br />xPPP, but the only obstacle was my brother :(anyway, these went from pc to something<br />bakcak they were. then they called me. because I understand the pc very well.<br />i went and fixed it. then my brother sat down to see if he had improved. mine<br />I was standing behind the chair where my brother was sitting. serkan slowly<br />he put his hand on my leg 😛 started stroking my leg. i’m surprised, of course xD<br />so look at me fifty bastards next to my brother xD horny boy obviously xD 😛 my brother<br />he’s not even aware of it, he’s interested in pc. anyway, I didn’t mind it<br />I just kept standing there. serkan took his hand up and<br />he started touching my ass xd he was stroking my thong 😛 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what<br />i enjoyed it, but 😛 next to my brother, his friend was sucking my ass<br />ufffffffff i was being a very bad bitch or xD anyway I’m a little more<br />i was being a whore and moving my hips xD 😛 then your hand on the arrow<br />he started walking on my legs and I couldn’t take it anymore xD 😛 he was too little<br />i already know xD they both want to fuck me :PPPPPPPPP<br />mmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh I was so horny and my pussy is so bad<br />it was watered. i was thinking how can I fuck myself for this :/<br />something gelmiyod my mind, though. ufffff i wanted to get fucked weird yaaaaa<br />mmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they both fucked my ass. anyway, my brother’s bish for a moment<br />they were startled by his movement, and both withdrew their hands. i said uffff to my room<br />i passed, I lay down on my bed. my brother called me from inside. drink from the kitchen<br />he said, bring something, yelizcm. i said okay, brother. I went into the kitchen<br />I took the easy out of the door, and just at that moment I felt someone behind me. incoming<br />it was serkan. he said let me help you, and I said okay, honey, xD is yours<br />i said I know your help has been, xD it was like a rock hard dick inside of me.<br />he almost pierced his pants xD 😛 anyway, the coke and glasses are on the tray<br />we put. then I took the tray in my hand and held it behind me as I walked<br />my ass was fifty. i want to fuck you yelizz said 😛 said you are very beautiful<br />: P I looked at him, just laughed a little, winked and walked<br />i went on xD I was going to do a little naz of course xD :PP won’t give it right away so<br />XD anyway, we started drinking coke. i went to my room. my brother and friends<br />they went into my brother’s room. i know for sure they were going to watch porn xD Dec 10<br />min or something passed, I looked at the porn watchers xD 😛 what abases yaaaaah xd husband<br />they couldn’t find a fucking girl in izmir, walla xD, I thought I’d take a look at them for a while.<br />they all had dicks in their hands xPPPPPP mmmmmmmmhhhhh so bad<br />i was horny. my pussy was flowing mmmmmmmm i wanted to be fucked so much<br />which I can’t tell you, mmmmmmmmm “now there will be a man crackling there<br />fuck me uffffffff mmmmmmmm," I was saying. they were hung, of course, porn<br />watching. so I parked my pussy and stroked my tits and looked at them.<br />my biggest dick brother had xD 20 cm or so. xD from the inside of me " ufffff bee abii<br />we didn’t know what a dick you had, what kind of girls are under you<br />the past. you couldn’t fuck that brother of yours,” I was saying. my brother’s cock is sick<br />actually, I was: P serkan and okan’s dicks were about 16 cm. anyway i<br />i went to my room and I was masturbating. i was fingering my pussy with my hand.<br />i was touching my tits. then I had a long and thick pencil, I took it in my hand<br />i started shoving it in my pussy. mmmmmm, I was almost delirious. there are 3 men inside<br />there was, and I was masturbating here. i was going crazy, yaah. fuck you<br />i was thinking of me. fuck, fuck as much as you want. your bitch<br />let me be my boys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh enter<br />ohhhhh get in my pussy, my dear brother, mmmmmmmmhhhh serkan, give me my mouth<br />my baby mmmmmmhhhhh okan fuck my ass bitanemmmm ohhhhhhhh<br />my boys, mmmmmmmmm, your dick fills me up, ohhhhhhhhh, my dear brother, mmmmm, fuck<br />fuck your sister ohhhhhhh fuck me abiiiiii ohhhhhhhh fuck me what<br />mmmmmhhhhhh ahhhhhhh i was moaning because it was a terrible bi<br />the way. then serkan came. he saw me stroking myself and instantly<br />he closed the door and jumped on me. he put his dick in my mouth. ohhhhhh how nice it was<br />i immediately started licking the cock mmmmmm. then I undressed naked<br />i stayed. and then okan and my brother came xD I was officially shocked xD ok okan<br />and when serkan fucked me, my brother decided to fuck me xD more<br />I had never felt or thought that way about my brother before.<br />honestly, I’m pretty surprised. anyway, I said in my heart“ "what about yeliz elin’s son<br />you fuck yourself, you fuck yourself all night long. dear brother and sister<br />i said mi vermicen. it’s a pity the boy is horny, I said he wants to fuck you.”<br />i said to both of them, "come here," in a nasty way, xD my brother said<br />"yeliz wallahi these bastards put it in your head to fuck you, so it’s natural for me<br />rights as well as gave. your gbii sexy and beautiful bi girl fuck every man<br />want to" she said and laughed xD then said ”I told you not to dress so sexy<br />but you’re not listening, cnm,” he said and laughed again xD anyway, these are<br />you’ll give it to your brother when you fuck, won’t you? but never to my mom and dad<br />don’t tell me, okay ? " said. I said“ "You want enough, my dear brother."<br />of course I will, I didn’t give it to you and I said who else would I give it to. as much as you want<br />fuck me with. i won’t tell you, baby, don’t worry," I said, and Serka<br />i kept sucking his dick. serkan undressed and followed okan and my brother<br />he undressed. my brother licked my ass. okansa licked my tits. ohhhhhhh what<br />i was a lucky girl yaa 3 men licked me xD they would fuck in a little while :ppPpP<br />mmmmmmmm then my brother gave me his dick and I started licking it in my mouth” ohhhhhhhhhh<br />mmmmmm my dear brother, your cock is super yaaaaa why haven’t you fucked in all this time<br />tell me, look," I smiled and continued.” what, baby<br />I was afraid that you would not give my mother and father either,” he said. anyway then<br />i licked Okana’s sweet cock and my brother started to enter my pussy. I<br />deep bi ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh<br />i took it, mmmmm … how beautiful my brother had entered into that sweet pussy, aaaah.<br />mmmmmmmmmmm it didn’t look like a man’s entrance at all. she was so sweet and delightful.<br />then he started coming in and out. i was jumping on my brother and like crazy<br />we were fucking. serkan moved behind me and started fucking my ass. okan<br />veriyod’s my mouth. ohhhhhhhhhh i was fucked by 3 men and<br />i was enjoying the freaky ppppp. especially looking at my brother’s face, on that face<br />believe me, I was delirious when I saw the pleasure. it was a great pleasure…. under me, brother<br />he had, and he fucked me to bits. ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh mmmmm fuck<br />i said fuck me, my men. please don’t take your dick out at all<br />i was thinking about your dicks, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it was really a great pleasure.<br />I ejaculated 2 times before them, shivering tirreye. both amdan and<br />i was getting fucked in the ass. my pussy, my ass, my mouth was full of dick. then my brother and<br />serkan changed places. my brother started to enter the ass from my pussy in the serkanda.<br />ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my boys are super cool,yaaaaaah you should see.<br />mmmmmmm aaahhhhh then okan fucked my pussy we fucked for about 1 hour<br />and then it all came out in my mouth. i drank your cum in all of them xPPPPP<br />mmmmmmmmmmmmm now my brother and his friends fuck me Decently xD so<br />you know, I was thoroughly slutty, xD, but my advice to girls is, if a man<br />if you have a brother, be sure to fuck with him 😉 at least touch him a little<br />elletin. but fuck with your brother